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There's something special about being outfitted in the traditional patterns and clothing affiliated with a holiday destination that adds an element of authenticity and fun to any getaway. With a visit to Hawaii, many tourists look for a genuine experience and soak up all the customary elements of the islands. Clothing, beachwear, music and books all speak to those looking for a true Hawaiian adventure. Throw in authentic Hawaiian fare, a Big Island luau and a look around local neighborhoods and you've got all the ingredients to enjoy a true Pacific retreat.

Hilo Hattie Hawaii is one of the most well known names in the islands, providing a myriad of items for the island enthusiast. The Hawaiian chain's signature name originally came from the same name of a celebrated Hawaiian entertainer that hit the stage during the 1950's and 1960's. Hilo Hattie, born as Clarissa Haili, was a famous performer known in Hawaiian history for her incredible talent and crowd-pleasing abilities.

Hilo Hattie paired a distinct luau style show with her acclaimed comic abilities for a one-of-a-kind act. To the dismay of her adoring fans, she passed away in 1979 but had the namesake shops to carry on her memory and Hawaiian Aloha spirit. Hilo Hatties Hawaii has been operating for more than four decades providing exclusive Hawaiian styles and prints coveted by tourists and locals alike. Hilo Hattie Hawaii has been Hawaii's largest and most successful retailer offering quality items at affordable prices.

Beachwear, resort-style attire, the ever-popular aloha shirts, CD's featuring Hawaiian artists, gift items and souvenirs can all be purchased through Hilo Hatties stores of Hawaii. The very first of the Hilo Hatties stores of Hawaii opened for business in 1963 on the island of Kauai. Hilo Hatties Hawaii then opened it's flagship shop in Honolulu in 1983. The location includes a showroom comprising 80,000 square feet, a massive warehouse and a manufacturing center making it one of the most impressive of all Hilo Hattie Hawaii locations.

Keeping up with it's commitment to customer satisfaction, Hilo Hattie Hawaii offers complimentary daily transportation every 20 minutes from Waikiki Beach on Oahu to the retail location via the trolley line. Other shopping stops included in the free service are Ala Moana Center, Dole Cannery and the popular Aloha Tower Marketplace. The flagship store also showcases the largest aloha shirt in the world, with a chest measurement of 14 feet and using more than 26 yards of Hawaiian patterned fabric to make the 400XL size shirt! The Hilo Hatties Hawaii shirt made it into the Guinness Book of World Records in 1999.

Throughout the years the Hilo Hattie Hawaii brand has gained a monumental following and expanded in order to reach it's ever-growing market. Hilo Hatties stores of Hawaii are not only found in Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Big Island but also in many other US locations like Las Vegas, California and Florida. The apparel is especially popular and can be seen donned by festive tourists all over the islands and the world. The signature Hawaiian patterned shirts are often worn by Hawaii golfing enthusiasts on the course relishing in the Polynesian spirit. Giving back to the islands, in true Hawaiian style, the Hilo Hattie company also honors the memory of Clarissa Haili by donating scholarships to Hawaiian students continuing education in music and Hawaiian subjects.

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Hilo Hattie Hawaii

Hilo Hattie

There's something special about being outfitted in the traditional patterns ...

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