Big Island Nightlife

Nightlife on the Big Island is somewhat sparse compared to the enormous quantity of things to do during the day, but the Big Island nightlife attractions are still something worth mentioning, so make some time in your busy Hawaii vacation for a nightlife experience. Hilo and Kona clubs offer a wide array of opportunities for dancing, music, and just relaxing, but for a truly unique experience of Big Island nightlife, visitors can enjoy a luau or other traditional evening celebrations.

If you prefer city nightlife, try some of the more popular Hilo and Kona clubs. Depending on whether you will be staying in Kona or Hilo, decide which nightclubs to attend based on your preferences for entertainment. Lulu's and Huggo's are a couple of the most popular and long-standing Kona clubs. Lulu's offers a wide variety of activities throughout the year including live bands and music, parties and sporting events. For a relaxing evening by the sea, Huggo's Restaurant offers low-key jazz with evening cocktails at the piano bar; if you are looking for a more upbeat atmosphere, look no further than an evening of dance next door at Huggo's on the Rocks. Another place to be sure to check out in Kona is the Kona Brewing Company, a brew pub that creates its own award winning brews. Hilo clubs are more plentiful and geared toward a less traditional crowd but are still just as exciting and entertaining as those in Kona.

Aside from clubs and city nightlife, Big Island nightlife can still be quite an experience to carry home with you. Some of the more traditional nightlife on the Big Island is held at different venues than a restaurant or nightclub. These particular events include storytelling by firelight, singing, and dancing on the beach or grass, depending on which one you decide to attend. Twilight at Kalahuipua's is set for a Saturday closest to the full moon, and people from across the island congregate for an ocean-side picnic, which is similar to tailgating, and the evening continues with storytelling, music, and dancing. You will want to check the local newspapers or ask for information at your hotel for these special events.

One experience you might not want to pass up is An Evening at Kahua Ranch. You are picked up from your hotel for a guided tour of the area until you reach Kahua Ranch in the Kohala Mountains, which has a breathtaking view of the sea. Beverages are served during an explanation of the history of cattle ranching in Hawaii, followed by a sunset feast of traditional ranch barbecue including Kona coffee and dessert. The night is still young as the games and entertainment ensue, including a campfire and s'mores. Be sure to plan ahead of time and book online for discounts to this event.

Whatever your Big Island nightlife includes, you are sure to have loads of unique Hawaiian entertainment and excitement. Nightlife on the Big Island may be lacking in quantity, but it makes up for it in the quality of entertainment. Look into the many other opportunities for nightlife experiences before finalizing your itinerary to ensure the best entertainment for you.

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