Rainbow Falls

For many visiting Big Island, Hawaii the city of Hilo is the preferred base for vacations. From Hilo there are a number of exciting attractions to be explored. From the summit of Mauna Kea visitors are rewarded with some of the clearest and most beautiful panoramas of the island. A tour through the Waipio Valley presents an opportunity to visit ancient Hawaiian sites, see breathtaking waterfalls and tour one of the fascinating black sand Big Island beaches. The pristine beauty of northern Big Island Hawaii attractions can be witnessed during scenic drives along the coast which is often compared to the beauty of the Napali Coast on Kauai.

Rainbow Falls is easily reached via a short drive from Hilo. Most Big Island resorts are happy to provide directions and names of various tours that frequent the site. Defined by the Wailuku River, the western edge of Hilo's downtown core is almost 20 miles long making it the longest of all rivers in the archipelago. At one time the Wailuku was almost impossible to cross at times of extreme rainfall. Today, three picturesque bridges traverse the river offering easy access to Rainbow Falls Hawaii. The main artery of Hilo is Waianuenue Avenue and it's this route that leads to the falls, one of the many beautiful natural wonders of Big Island.

At Rainbow Falls visitors witness the resounding and deafening sound of the 80-foot waterfall as it rushes into a large pool below, almost 100 feet in width. The striking gorge is blanketed by lush, dense tropical foliage and the turquoise colored pool is bordered by beautiful wild ginger. Swimming used to be permitted but is now prohibited for safety reasons. This Big Island Hawaii attractions accessed by a hike down a slippery path made of stone that ends at the lookout point for Rainbow Falls Hawaii. Hawaii hiking throughout the area is best done with sturdy shoes for the best grip and balance. The lookout affords the best vantage point to see the magnificent falls.

The best time to visit Rainbow Falls is in the morning hours when the sun rises over the area's mango trees. After witnessing the beauty of the falls, another of the Big Island Hawaii attractions is the natural cave situated behind Rainbow Falls Hawaii. The deep cave is the mythological home to Hina, an ancient Hawaiian goddess. True to its namesake, a kaleidoscopic rainbow can be seen from the cave and surrounding area when the cascading water connects with the pool below. The rainbow is a magical sight that penetrates the misty mornings creating an ethereal atmosphere.

Two miles further lies yet another of the Big island Hawaii attractions for those interested in furthering Big Island tours of the area. From Rainbow Falls Hawaii visitors can also hike upstream to Boiling Pots. With a recent rainfall, the river convulses through a series of "pots" giving the spot its name. Under the river lies a layer of old lava and as the water rushes through it bubbles to the surface creating the appearance of pots of boiling water. To the left of Boiling Pots there is another waterfall showcasing five burgeoning spouts of water, called Pe'e Pe'e Falls.

Rainbow Falls is an excellent place to visit during Hawaii holidays. Most of the area hiking can be enjoyed as a family although there are spots where the trails are rough. Another way to explore Rainbow Falls is through Big Island tours which visit the falls and other area attractions. Rainbow Falls can also be seen from an aerial angle during helicopter tours. No matter how it's experienced, this striking island area should be thoroughly explored and discovered when visiting Big Island.

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