Royal Kona Luau

The best production luau in Kona on the Big Island is the Royal Kona Luau, which is held on the beaches of the resort of the same name. The grounds of the beautiful resort stretch across twelve oceanfront acres overlooking Kailua Bay and backed by the famous and scenic Alii Drive in the historic town of Kailua Kona. This luau on the Big Island is put on by Tihati Productions, the largest entertainment production company on the Big Island. Tihati Productions can also cater conferences and other special events including Big Island weddings. These can be simple events or elaborate productions, depending on your wishes and budget.

The Royal Kona Luau is called "Lava - Legends and Legacies" and is a full-scale production along the lines of a true Las Vegas show. The traditional Hawaiian luau dates to about the mid-nineteenth century. Before that time, the native Hawaiians certainly had luau-type feasts, but they were called paina or ahaaina. Traditionally, it was a family or village feast accompanied by dancing. The modern luau on the Big Island—and elsewhere in Hawaii—has evolved into a lavish feast with dancing and performances from the many Pacific islands that have contributed to the history, culture, and traditions of Hawaii. You can get many of the traditional luau foods at numerous dining spots on the island, but the luau feast involves elaborate ceremonies that make ohana (family) of all who participate.

Attend the Royal Kona Luau on the Big Island and you will come away with an authentic idea of the traditional Hawaiian feast. Food for this luau in Kona on the Big Island (usually a whole pig, called kalua) is cooked in an imu, an underground oven usually dug in the sand on the beaches. Additional menu items include salads, poi dishes, fish, chicken, beef, and a variety of fresh vegetables and tropical fruits.

After the greeting ceremony that presents you with a lei and a couple of complimentary mai tais, the imu ceremony marks the uncovering of the roast pig. Watch the glorious sunset, feast away, and enjoy the performance. The cast of performers includes singers, dancers, drummers, and musicians who take you on a journey through the South Pacific island cultures. The Royal Kona Luau brings you the New Zealand Maori haka dance with tattooed dancers chanting and leaping, and the tamure dance from Tahiti. There is traditional meke (dancing) from Fiji with drums and other instruments, as well as the familiar form of the graceful Hawaiian hula. After members of the audience are invited up to sway their hips, the grand finale of the luau in Kona on the Big Island is the daring fire knife dancer from Samoa. This is the only luau in Kona on the Big Island that actually occurs under the stars on one of the beaches. It is an excellent way to end your vacation or just your day of sunbathing and snorkeling.

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