Hawaiian Coffee

Hawaiian coffee is renowned all over the world, and while Kona Coffee tends to get the most attention, some of the other regions in this beautiful archipelago are known for growing some tasty coffee beans of their own. If you appreciate a good cup of coffee, then the coffee in Hawaii is bound to satisfy, especially on rainy days when you need a little pick-me-up. While simply dropping by the Hawaii cafes for a fresh cup here and there is bound to give you appreciation for Hawaiian coffee, consider a coffee tour, which will give you tremendous insight into the coffee producing process. Some of the Hawaiian Islands boast coffee plantations where you can enjoy a tour, not to mention the freshest cup of coffee you've likely ever had.

Big Island Coffee

The Big Island is where you will find Kona, and the area in and around this coastal town is renowned for its coffee production. The Big Island coffee plantations aren't only found in the Kona area, however, and coffee connoisseurs will certainly want to sample the local product in other parts of the island. Kona is the best place to go, however, if you are interested in coffee tours in Hawaii. The Kona area is home to what is the largest concentration of coffee plantations in Hawaii, as many have been able to remain viable thanks to the region's renowned reputation. Should you be hanging out in Hilo and don't want to make the long trip over to Kona to enjoy a coffee tour, you can always head north to the Hamakua Coast, which is one of the up and coming coffee regions on the Big Island.

Kauai Coffee

Kauai Coffee Company
Kauai Coffee Company

Like the Big Island, Kauai is an excellent place to go if you want to sample some good Hawaiian coffee. It's also an excellent place to go if you are interested in visiting one of the largest coffee plantations in the state. In fact, the Kauai Coffee Company, which is a relatively new company, boasts the largest coffee plantation in Hawaii. The Kauai Coffee Company's 3,400-acre grounds are close to the site that Hawaii's first commercial coffee plantation once occupied. This original Hawaiian coffee plantation was established over 150 years ago, though the coffee industry soon gave way to the sugar industry, which was king for quite some time. You can find the Kauai Coffee Company on the southern side of the island, more or less halfway between Poipu and the turn off to the breathtaking Waimea Canyon.

Oahu Coffee

Coffee in Hawaii is something that most native Hawaiians take seriously, and while the Big Island and Kauai get most of the attention, Oahu offers some plantations that you will do well to visit. The best Oahu Hawaiian coffee plantations can be found on the mountain slopes that overlook the scenic North Shore. If you're up for a scenic drive, traveling between the towns of Waialua and Wahiawa on the Kam Highway will reward you with views of the area's coffee trees.

While Oahu isn't known for having the most coffee plantations in Hawaii, you can find some that deserve a visit. Should you be hanging out in Honolulu, which you're bound to do at some point during an Oahu visit, you might head over to 1555 Kalani Street, which is where the Hawaii Coffee Company can be found. This company offers insightful coffee tours, and it's also one of the best places in the entire state to stock up on coffee and tea products.

Maui Coffee

The coffee plantations in Hawaii are spread across the main islands, and when it comes to Maui, you can find them overlooking the Kaanapali beaches, resting on the slopes of famed Haleakala, and even as far over as Hana, which is on the eastern side. The largest Maui coffee plantation, or orchard if you prefer, can be found on the slopes of the West Maui Mountains, which means that visitors to the west coast resorts won't have to go far to access it. One of the best places to enjoy a coffee tour in Maui, however, is the Maui Tropical Plantation and Country Store, which not only grows coffee beans, but macademia nuts, avocado, sugar cane, and a number of exotic fruits as well.

Lanai Coffee and Molokai Coffee

While the island of Lanai is not home to plantations that you can tour, the island of Molokai boasts some that you might enjoy checking out. Molokai produces some of the best coffee in Hawaii, and should you head to the village of Kualapuu, you can enjoy a mule-drawn wagon tour of the Coffees of Hawaii Plantation's 500-acre grounds. Exploring the grounds by foot is possible as well, though you might want to save your energy for hiking, snorkeling, or fishing, among other things.

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