Events and Holidays in Hawaii

Most visitors go to Hawaii to relax on the beach, take a sunset dinner Hawaii cruise or watch the volcanoes. You can bring yourself closer to the spirit of the island of Hawaii by going to one of the cultural or arts events on the islands, and make your Hawaii travel an educational and fun experience. Whether you're on a Hawaii cruise or you've flown in to explore the islands up close, there is a lot to do and see any time of the year.

Hawaii is rich with culture, from the native people of Hawaii to the other Asian cultures that have made their influence on the islands of Hawaii. Some events in Hawaii highlight the seasonal movements of wildlife, while others celebrate the rich cultural traditions of the people of Hawaii. Some of the most exciting events are the outdoor Hawaii activities like the many triathlons and surf competitions. No matter what sort of activity you will enjoy, there are an exciting and informative Hawaii activities for you to enjoy, no matter what time of year you visit.

The festival season in Hawaii goes for about 12 weeks, from late February to Mid-May. During this time of year is when the most art and cultural events and Hawaii activities take place, so day and night there is something going on.

The winter months are the prime time of the year for Hawaii whale watching. Humpback whales make their way to the warm waters in the channel off the west coast of Hawaii. Tourists come to this island specifically for Hawaii whale watching, which can be done either from the coast or up close on a Hawaii cruise.

One event you should try to make part of your Hawaii travel is the Honolulu festival. This annual event has been held since 1995 and was created in order to encourage cultural harmony and ethnic cooperation between the Asia and South Pacific region and the people of Hawaii. More than 300,000 visitors take part in this festival every year, which takes place on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

A great deal of the major events takes place in the larger cities. One of these, Lei Day, is one of the largest events in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Hawaii flower leis are a symbol of the Aloha, or welcome spirit.

These fragrant flowers are gathered and strung into a lei. The spirit of the giver is part of the lei, so when you receive a lei that someone has given you; they give you a part of themselves. There is even a song for Lei Day, and you are sure to hear the tune "May Day is Lei Day" in Hawaii. This holiday has been celebrated since 1927, and has a tradition of the Lei Queen, which began the following year after the festival first began. It takes place on May 1st. There are lei exhibits and a pageant, and a princess with different colored lei for the island that she comes from. A part of this festival is the lei making competition, in which participants can learn about how to make leis, one of the most authentic Hawaii activities. On May 2, the leis are put on display and judged. The makes of the most beautiful lei gets an award from the judges.

While most visitors plan their Hawaii travel for the winter months, the off-season will allow getting the best deal on flights and hotels for Hawaii vacations. From May 1st to October 15th, there are green sea turtle and dolphin treks with marine biologists on the island of Oahu. During this time of year you can go on a catamaran with anywhere from 4 to 16 passengers and see the turtles nest and feed underwater. In the price, equipment, drinks, snack, as well as a full breakfast are included. A part of the proceeds are donated to the Wild Dolphin Foundation.

Whether you want you want to see the aquatic giants that visitors flock to Oahu for prime Hawaii whale watching or you would like to take part in a festival, you will not have a difficult time finding what you're looking for in Hawaii.

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