Hawaii Exotic Car Rental

Driving an exotic car can be one of the most exhilarating experiences in the world. Premium performance, the best agility and sleek, lavish designs can make you feel on top of the world. People choose a Hawaii exotic car rental for many reasons. For some, it's the heart pounding thrills of driving a high performance vehicle while for others it's all about the prestige of driving a car they may never be able to afford. Acquiring an exotic car rental in Hawaii is a completely attainable goal. Much like the city of Las Vegas, Hawaii is a destination built on dreams with the finest of all luxuries available.

Sometimes referred to as prestige rentals, an exotic car rental in Hawaii can be procured for affordable prices if your budget allows. The Big Island, Oahu, Maui and Kauai all offer deals on a car rental in Hawaii. Imagine driving a Mercedes Benz CL 500 SUV to the summit of Mauna Key, stopping at the world famous observatory and savoring a perfect starry sky in total style. Picture racing along a stunning coastal highway on Oahu in a Jaguar XK Sport, discovering a wealth of Oahu attractions along the way. Envision navigating an exotic car rental in Hawaii like a Plymouth Prowler, adhering to the contours of a Kauai highway all the way to the Napali Coast and back to Waikiki Beach.

Though deals on car rental in Hawaii can be found, especially in the slower seasons, a great bargain on an exotic car rental may require some thorough research. One way to get deals on car rental in Hawaii is to rent a car for more than one day. One day rentals are quite common for those who want to experience driving an exotic vehicle without breaking the bank. With some cars such as the Ferrari F-355, the Ferrari Maserati Quattroporta and the Ferrari 360 Spider, the difference between a one day and week long rental isn't very much. There are other exotic vehicles that have a discounted price attached when renting for four or more days like a Porsche Boxster or an H2 Hummer.

Other deals for a Hawaii exotic car rental mean added discounts for island activities. For instance, if any Big Island tours are appealing, an exotic car rental can mean you'll enjoy up to a 10% discount with some preferred things to do on Big Island. Some of the companies offering a Hawaii exotic car rental are affiliated with organizations offering Hawaii tours like whale watching, scuba diving, cycling trips and Hawaii cruises.

Another way to enjoy deals on car rental in Hawaii is through deluxe packages offered by resorts. Hawaii weddings are often arranged through many different types of packages, some that include an exotic car rental. Often the rentals are of the more affordable variety such as a Mercedes or Audi, which can also be considered a luxury car rental. Always be sure to ask about upgrades and what types of cars are possible to upgrade to for what price.

If you're looking for cars like the Dodge Viper or a Ferrari Maserati Spyder GT, you're looking at shelling out big bucks no matter how you slice it. The best way to save with deals on car rental in Hawaii is to book outside of mid-December to mid-January and June to August, the most expensive holiday times. The internet often provides a number of resources for renting an exotic car and can often be the best bet for rates. Many companies grant a 10% discount for advanced bookings online but some restrictions may apply. Other offers include coupons for free dinners and breakfasts when you rent an exotic car as a token of appreciation for your business.

Driving an exotic car rental in Hawaii can make you feel like modern-day royalty. To add to your electrifying experience, consider booking a helicopter ride to tour phenomenal sites like Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Haleakala or Waimea Canyon for even more of a rush. Though an exotic rental can add true depth to your Hawaii holidays, the islands have an ethereal magic about them that is impossible to miss whether you travel by foot, car, helicopter or sail boat.

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