Hawaii Car Rental

If you decide on a Hawaii car rental for your next visit to the natural wonders of the Hawaiian Islands, you will be glad that you decided on this very convenient method of transportation on you vacation. It will give you the flexibility and convenience of being able to explore areas you want to see at your own pace.

Three Interstate routes are in Hawaii, H1, H2, and the recently completed H3 Interstate Highway. While these routes do not connect the Islands, they help the driver who is new to Hawaii get around and stay oriented while road tripping in Hawaii, and there are ferries available on the Islands on Lanai as well as Maui.

Roads in Hawaii can be congested, especially around the major tourist hubs of Waikiki Beach or Honolulu. The rugged countryside just beyond the edge of many of the roads make up for this inconvenience, Hawaiian rental cars bringing you within arms reach of the sights and sounds of the tropical countryside of Hawaii's backcountry.

If you are at an event like the Luau at the Polynesian cultural center, having a car and the freedom to leave when it is getting late and your child is crying will make the investment of a Hawaii car rental invaluable when you realized your only other option would be the agony of waiting out a crying fit until its time for the tour bus to leave.

The Subcompact and the Intermediate range of rental cars in Hawaii are great for groups of young people on a budget. Automatic transmissions make these cars easy and fun to drive.

The fullsize and The Luxury/Premium category of Hawaii rental cars which seat five or six comfortably, tend to have more luggage space than cars in other classes, is great for groups of adults traveling together. The generous passenger room and comfort of these vehicles is a godsend if you find yourself trapped in a busy traffic jam on a sweltering day.

The Sports Utility vehicles usually seat 5 individuals, and have a lot of cargo space, perfect for exploring those unpaved roads of some of the national parks.

Ideal for moving families around, Mini Van class of vehicles can comfortably seat seven while still having enough room for luggage. This is a perfect family touring vehicle, with enough room for personal belongings while also providing a great deal of much needed passenger space.

The Convertible class of Hawaii rental cars is for those who want the full benefits of the weather and temperatures Hawaii has to offer. These sport vehicles tend to be expensive, but are the perfect addition to a tropical vacation. If you want a convertible, you should make certain you reserve yours in advance, as these are popular in Hawaii.

Hawaii is a fascinating drive, wholly unlike road travel in the continental US. There are highways that pave over lava flows from 1974, and the drive to the snow-covered summit of the dormant volcano Mauna Kea on the Big Island is unforgettable. Its highly advised to check road conditions before driving up The Mauna Kea Summit road. The summit temperature can be as low as 33 degrees Fahrenheit and clear days allow for some of the most spectacular views on the entire island. Its recommended that drivers stop at the Visitor Information Station to adjust to the high elevation and get information about possible hazards and to get safety tips.

Maui Scenic Tours.

The Hana Highway is an almost 60 mile stretch of road that connects the small town of Hana to the rest of Maui. The Hana Highway winds its way past waterfalls, beaches, bridges and spectacular ocean views. If driving for more than three hours one way is not really your idea of a vacation than you can fly over the highway and Haleakala

National Park on a Maui Helicopter Tour

Rental cars in Hawaii offer you freedom and ease to see the islands of Hawaii, your way. Adding a Hawaii car rental to your next trip will enhance your Hawaii trip, and add to the blissful freedom you will enjoy as you take in the breathtaking vistas of Hawaii.

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