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Hiking Hawaii is ultimately one of the best ways to see and enjoy verdant rainforests, sweeping valleys, diverse coastal areas, volcanic formations and abundant flora and fauna. Hawaii hiking trails range in difficulty and length from a few hours of easy trekking to day-long journeys traversing alternating terrain. Short and easy Hawaii hiking trails can be self guided while longer and more difficult ones are best done with an experienced guide through Hawaii tours. Organized trips include nature hikes, possible to enjoy on all of the islands but most popular on Oahu. Oahu nature tours can be a great way to explore the landscape while learning about the islands geology, geography and Hawaiian history.

Hawaii waterfall hiking is one of the most popular of all treks. Waterfalls throughout the islands not only display some of Hawaii’s most breathtaking natural beauty, they also showcase one of the islands’ biggest attractions, water. On Maui, Hawaii waterfall hiking is most glorious on a trip to the Seven Sacred Pools. Visitors will travel along the Hana Highway on a meandering road replete with beautiful coastal views and clear blue skies. Weave along the seaside shore anticipate a great Hawaii hiking trip, as the road dips through ravines and lush, green valleys and waterfalls surge to the lava bedded shore below. Along the route the Pipiwai Trail head comes into view and is where the Hawaii hiking trail begins. Waterfalls stretch thousands of feet along the back of Haleakala between large, gleaming ponds.

Hawaii waterfall hiking on Big Island offers magnificent views of tumbling water surrounded by the raw beauty the Big Island is known for. The Polulu Valley near Kona is an excellent choice for Hawaii hiking trips. Kapoloa Falls showcases a 300-foot drop of cascading falls crossing a trail and plunging another 200 feet below. Near Hilo town there are two significant waterfalls to visit, both reached by an easy Hawaii hiking trail. Akaka Falls is the most beautiful and is found up the east coast north of Hilo requiring only a 15 minute hike. Akaka Falls Park actually encompasses two separate waterfalls, the other being Kahuna Falls, a smaller version of it’s sister. Inland from Hilo, Rainbow Falls is another of the waterfalls worthy of a visit. Tucked behind the falls is a hidden cave, rumored to be home to the goddess Hina. Catch the falls namesake, a stunning prismatic rainbow, in the early morning hours before the clouds begin receding up into Mauna Kea.

Kauai presents ample opportunity for exploring a large network of Hawaii hiking trails. Along the stunning North Shore, the Kalalau Trail twists and turns its way along the Napali Coast offering a great trek for intermediate to experienced hikers. This ancient Hawaiian path is an undeveloped route that can only be accessed on foot. This splendid Hawaii hiking trail is eleven miles in length, following along the ridge of huge, windy bluffs to Kalalau Beach. Hiking Hawaii here is spectacular and often claimed to be the best hike in all the islands. The trail overlooks verdant green valleys and astonishing cliffs that plunge more than 3,000 feet to the ocean below.

Other hiking trails in Kauai also offer an unforgettable experience. Waimea Canyon is considered one of the best locations for Kauai hiking, popularized by Mark Twain who wrote about his time spent there. The canyon belongs to Kokee State Park and comprises ten miles in length and more than one mile in width. The canyon walls plummet to almost 4,000 feet illustrating its astounding natural make-up. Inside the canyon there more than ten different Hawaii hiking trails to choose from, each presenting distinct features bordering the pathways.

Hiking Hawaii paths and trails is one of the favored activities pursued by visiting adventurers. It allows nature lovers to take a close look at the different islands and see unique landscapes like those of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where the volcanic contours feature a landscape reminiscent of otherworldly things. Hiking Hawaii can be savored on each island where there are many excursions great for all levels. So tear yourself away from the beaches, pack a day bag and set out on an extraordinary journey through the Hawaiian tropics.

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