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With a visit to any of the main Hawaiian islands the wealth of possibilities for fun and adventure is limitless. Though each island is popular for its own unique characteristics, each offers a number of choices in exciting Hawaii tours. Cultural experiences, outdoor activity and many family adventures are all possible on the Big Island, Maui, Kauai and Oahu. If you're planning on traveling in the peak seasons, popular Hawaiian tours should be booked well in advance. Hawaii adventure tours are also popular and require advanced reservations during busier times.

The Big Island is aptly named for it's size as it's twice the area of rest of the islands. In all that space lies many attractive options for sightseeing and things to do. Big Island Hawaii tours run the gamut, attractive to all kinds of interests and budgets. Popular Hawaiian tours on Big Island include helicopter rides, trips to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, horseback riding through Waipio Valley and every sort of water based feat. Hawaii island tours include scuba diving trips to all the best dive sites, snorkeling along the shore of Big Island beaches and dolphin and whale watching sails. Hawaii one day tours can include a trip to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor and the Punchbowl Memorial, or a jaunt to the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Dole Plantation with plenty of sightseeing in between.

Maui is one of the top choices for Hawaii weddings displaying lush, green rainforests, plummeting, crystal clear waterfalls and a wealth of outdoor activity. Popular Hawaii tours on Maui include snorkeling and diving trips to the Molokini Crater and exciting Maui fishing charters. Haleakala is another major point of interest for Hawaii one days tours, heading from the coastal areas thousands of feet up to the summit. Hiking is another of the popular Hawaii adventure tours, from easy trails to strenuous treks through Maui's lush wilderness. Other popular Hawaii tours on Maui include trips to the Iao Valley, a tour through charming Lahaina or a breathtaking aerial view on an exciting helicopter tour.

Oahu is one of the most popular islands to visit and offers a limitless number of Hawaii island tours. A Circle Island adventure tour on Oahu will explore each of the best areas including Waikiki Beach, Hanauma Bay and the stunning North Shore. Hawaii one days tours also leave Oahu and travel to Maui or Kauai for a fun day outing. The tours are often taken via an interisland flight or na interisland cruise. Hawaii island tours include Oahu nature tours which visit the most beautiful, natural landscape, exploring the abundant native flora and fauna.

Hawaii tours on the island of Kauai are highly sought after. Kauai is the wettest island, making it the most lush and green and giving it the moniker The Garden Isle. Helicopter rides are the best Hawaii tours to take to see the rugged mountain spires along the Napali Coast as car access is impossible. Valleys and peaks rise and fall creating a spectacular backdrop from the air. Kauai hiking excursions are popular Hawaiian tours, especially throughout Kokee State Park, Waimea Canyon and the Kalalau Trail. On Kauai some of the best Hawaii adventure tours lie submerged under the vivid blue ocean. Diving around Kauai is exceptional, with wreck dives, wall dives, reef dives and much more to experience. Kauai Hawaii one day tours explore the best island highlights including Spouting Horn, Wailua Falls and the Fern Grotto, Nawiliwili Harbor and much more.

No matter which island you choose to visit you'll be blessed with some of the best adventures in the world. Popular Hawaiian tours come in many combinations and categories and there really is no shortage in variety. Always be sure to compare rates and the different things tours include before settling on your choices. There are many sights that can be explored on your own and if you have a rental car consider visiting them on your own. Most tours include the equipment you'll need to carry out the day successfully and sometimes even include a meal during the day. If you're planning on taking more than one of the Hawaii tours check to see if there are any combinations that cover your choices to enjoy a little savings. Attention to detail is the best advice for choosing tours and can mean the difference between a mediocre tour and an exceptional one.

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