Hawaii Wedding Photographer

Selecting the perfect Hawaii Wedding Photographer is key to capturing those perfect moments in your Hawaii Wedding. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your photographer. Aside from the obvious factors such as the location of the wedding and the backdrop you wish to have for you photos, you will want to keep travel fees and the style of photography in mind as well.

Choosing a photographer for your Hawaii wedding doesn't have to be a chore- in fact, you will be inspired by the different samples many studios provide. Many photo studios are operated by an individual photographer, and you will find that your rapport with the photographer factors in just as high as other aspects of choosing a Hawaii wedding photographer.

Popular Hawaii Wedding Photographer Studios vary from Region to region, each with their own artistic style and personal touch.


The Anthony Calleja photography studio is based directly out of Honolulu and offers a wide range of services from weddings, portraits and special events. This photographers Hawaii wedding portfolio is openly available for public viewing.

The Photo Group is a photography studio based in Waikiki, specializes in both black and white and color shots. They offer the best samples of past wedding photo shoots, and will gladly travel all over the Oahu Island Region to conduct a shoot.

The David Miyamoto Studio specializes in artistic photography, as well as portraits and wedding shoots.


Tad Craig Photography has a great deal of experience with beach side weddings that are popular in Maui, specializes in more casual wedding photo shoots that come with beachside wedding photos, as well as traditional shoots.

Aloha Moment Lahaina specializes in dramatic photos of wedding couples, as well as standard portraits.


By using tricks of the camera, the Charla Photography Studio can give you dramatic and artistic photographs of your wedding. This studio is experienced in standard photography, as well as specialized shots.

The most common fees associated with photographers are the transport fees. These fees are implemented if you require a photographer to leave their home region to travel to another island.. The standard fees for photographers Hawaii weddings includes travel costs and time costs, it covers the amount of time you are purchasing, as well as the actual photos and film.

Since the scenery is such a big part of why many couple pick Hawaii for their wedding, it is only natural for one to want to preserve those special moments on film. Finding the right photographer who will enhance your wedding experience is another fun part of planning your Hawaii wedding.

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