Hawaii Dinner Cruise

Hawaii is a chain of picturesque islands crisscrossed by channels of waters, which allow for some of the best views of the islands. A Hawaii dinner cruise is a relaxing and inviting way to take in some of these landscapes at a leisurely pace, while enjoying a fine meal at the same time.

If would like to enjoy more than one of the Islands, there are inter-island cruises that you enjoy which begin at one island, dock at one of the other islands before returning to the originating port.


There are two different dinner cruises available on the Star of Honolulu. The first, and more economical option, is the standard cruise, includes basic dinner and seating on the vessel. The Three Star option is the VIP section of the vessel, and includes a variety of exceptional cocktails and choices of cuisines.

The Starlet Hawaii dinner cruise is a casual two-hour cruise. This is one of the least expensive cruise options available on Island, which allows you to experience the thrill of a cruise in a casual environment.

The Navatek buffet dinner cruise is highly desired for the quality and variety of food as well as the relaxed and elegant environment onboard. This two-hour cruise allows you prime views of the world famous Waikiki beach as you make your way to the beautiful Kahala region.


Sunset Dinner Cruise is Maui's newest dinner cruise. Enjoy an open bar, an excellent and varied menu, and excellent onboard entertainment. This sleek, new vessel ferries diners all around the Hawaiian Islands for a beautiful sunset cruise.

The Maui Princess dinner cruise takes place on a 118-foot stabilized vessel and journeys around Maui Island. You have the option of dinning on the large, open-air deck, where you can enjoy all of the sights and sounds of the Hawaiian Islands.


Captain Andy's Dinner Cruise is an intimate four-hour tour on a 55-foot vessel that takes you around many of the islands and reefs in the Hawaiian Island chain. Few Hawaii dinner cruises offers such an extensive tour, making this a highly sought after choice for visitors to the islands. Take your time eating as you would in an Italian restaurant and return to your home port replete and contented.

A Hawaii dinner cruise offers you the opportunity to enjoy some of the loveliest vistas of the Hawaiian Islands in a unique maritime experience. The incredible views will inspire the best dinner conversation, as you enjoy dinner enhanced by fresh air, this experience is a visual feast as that is sure to satisfy all of your senses.

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