Hawaiian Leis

One of the first images that comes to mind when one thinks of Hawaii is of a Polynesian beauty decked in Hawaiian flowers waiting for you with a smile and you step off your plane after landing in Hawaii. Traditionally, they place a Hawaiian Leis around your neck and greet you with a kiss.

Leis Hawaiian flowers come in a wide range of styles and colors, although each type still stands for Love and Aloha in the Hawaiian tradition. Usually worn by the groom, these flowers symbolically show the love of the man for the bride. The traditional Hawaiian Leis is made from fragrant Maile leaves and woven with small white jasmine flowers.

The traditional Hawaiian Leis is a garland is woven from the green Maile leaves and cast a lovely fragrance. They can be purchased plain, or interwove with he aromatic Pikake flowers or Ilima flowers. The Pikake flowers are what are known as the white jasmine.

The Pikake Leis of Hawaii feature the treasured scent of the white jasmine in a delicate garland customarily for the bride. They resemble small pearls in their shape and size, which make them quite attractive in several strings.

The Carnation flower, woven into the form of the Leis, is a very thick and showy style of garland. These are not the traditional garlands, but are a cheap alternative to the Maile leaved garlands. They can be dyed in any color to match the bridal and groom parties.

Tuberose Leis are highly popular, as the pale cream and white flowers offer a sweet scent and can be woven in such a way where only the petals show. They are in the mid-range for costs, which also calculates into their popularity as a Hawaiian Leis for weddings.

Crown Flower Leis are scentless, which appeals to those who do not want to be haloed in the perfume of flowers. However, the flowers used to make these Leis are temperamental, and are subject to weather conditions. Haku Leis are headbands of flowers, which take the place of garlands, and are usually worn by a female. They can be made from any type of flower or vine, and are woven together to form patterns of the materials used. Each haku Leis can be unique, which makes them quite popular.

Surprisingly, your Leis will be able to stand up to quite a bit of abuse. However, by the end of the day, you can expect your Leis to have crushed petals and some damage. If you want to keep your Leis for years to come, you will want to purchase a spare one that can be preserved with special flower sprays.

Wearing any one of the types of Leis of Hawaii is something you should definitely experience, even if you didn't get a chance to get that distinctive Hawaiian welcome as you arrived. You can buy leis at a flower shop, have these flowers delivered to your hotel, or, if you attend a luau, you are certain to get one. The leis of Hawaii symbolize the greeting Aloha, so anytime you get one or wear one of the many beautiful kinds of Hawaiian leis, you will feel welcome in the islands of Hawaii.

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