Hawaii House Rentals

There are many lodging options to choose from when planning your Hawaii escape, so finding your ideal accommodations should be a breeze. While some visitors will turn to the many excellent Hawaii hotels and resorts when trying to find their perfect lodging match, others will opt instead to book a vacation rental. The house rentals in Hawaii are among the most popular vacation rentals, thanks to the fact that they offer guests a true home away from home experience. The Hawaii house rentals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the bulk of them offer multiple bedrooms for those who need added space. Something that all of the house rentals in Hawaii offer is a fully equipped kitchen. Start searching for your ideal Hawaii house rental today, and start planning your own getaway in paradise.

Oahu House Rentals

While the Waikiki neighborhood of Honolulu boasts some of the most attractive Hawaii resorts and hotels, those who are looking to escape from the bustle of the capital city will do well to book a stay at one of the Oahu house rentals. Should you want to remain relatively close to Waikiki and all that it has to offer, then looking due west towards Diamond Head and Kahala is always an option. Further up the eastern coast, looking in the Kailua and Kaneohe areas is bound to turn up some very attractive options for those who are interested in a Hawaii beach house rental.

Should you be looking to stay on the eastern coast of Oahu, renting a multi-story vacation home overlooking beautiful Kaneohe Bay is sure to please. In addition to a fully equipped kitchen, most Hawaii house rentals will also feature cable TV, internet access, a DVD player, a CD player, and a private deck or patio. Book one of the more luxurious house rentals in places like Kaneohe, and chances are good that you will also have your own swimming pool. The North Shore is also an excellent place to escape to on the island of Oahu, especially if you are searching for a Hawaii beach house rental.

Maui House Rentals

As is the case with the Hawaii house rentals in general, the Maui house rentals tend to feature rates that are very competitive with the resorts and hotels. Unless you book a spacious villa at one of the Maui resorts, your Maui house rental will surely offer more space than a hotel or resort unit, which is one of the main advantages. Most of the Maui house rentals also offer a washer and a dryer, and when you also consider the fact that you will also have a private kitchen, it could hardly get any more convenient.

Some of the most popular house rentals in Maui can be found along Kapalua Beach, which is definitely an ideal place to relax for a while. If you don't necessarily need the extra space that a multi-bedroom vacation home has to offer, there are condos and small cottages along Kapalua Beach that you will also do well to consider. If you want to get away from the crowds, booking a stay at a Maui vacation home that fronts a private beach is always an option.

Big Island House Rentals

A beach house rental on the Big Island is always an enticing option when it comes to deciding where to stay in Hawaii. The Big Island's drier and sunnier west side is where you will find the Kona and Kohala coasts, which are where most visitors choose to base themselves. Places like Kealakekua are excellent places to look for Big Island house rentals on the west coast, especially if you fancy some snorkeling during your visit. You'll do well to check out Waikoloa as well, especially since it offers access to Anaehoomalu Beach, which is arguably the best beach on the entire island.

While staying on the west coast has its advantages when it comes to visiting the Big Island, spending at least a few days closer to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is always a good idea. This national park is one of Hawaii's greatest attractions, and there are some nice vacation home rentals in the town of Volcano if you want to be close to the park boundaries. A Volcano cottage with its own deck and hot tub is bound to be ideal for a romantic escape.

Kauai House Rentals

Kauai boasts what are arguably the best beaches in all of Hawaii, though that is a topic that could be fiercely debated, so you'll want to keep it in mind when searching for a Hawaii beach house rental. Poipu Beach, which can be found on the southern side of the island, is one of the Kauai hot spots, and you'll find numerous vacation homes to choose from close to the sand. After a day at the beach, enjoying a mai tai on your private deck or patio as the sun begins to set will be an excellent way to usher in the evening.

Kauai might not boast the best Hawaii nightlife, but since it dubs itself "Hawaii's Island of Adventure," you might be too tired to go out on the town once the sun goes down. Preparing a meal, tossing in a movie, and staying in for the night at your Kauai beach home can be a fine alternative to the bar and club scene. Other places where many visitors look for Kauai Hawaii house rentals are Princeville, which can be found on the north coast, and the Waimea area, which is where the famed Waimea Canyon is located.

Lanai House Rentals

The island of Lanai might not be the first island that you think of when it comes to finding house rentals in Hawaii, but you won't want to forget to weigh its accommodation options. There aren't many of them, so it shouldn't take you too long. The few Hawaii house rentals that can be found on Lanai are near Lanai City, which is the only real settlement. A fully furnished, three bedroom abode near the town center can make for a good alternative to one of the Lanai resorts. You might even rent out the Lanai Plantation Home, which is a four bedroom Plantation home that duals as a bed and breakfast.

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