Lihue Airport

The main international airport in Kauai is located on the east shore of the island, south of Wailua River State Park in the city of Lihue. The excellent availability of cheap flights to the Lihue Airport from Big Island, Maui, and Oahu makes Kauai a popular destination for Hawaiian tours. The island's natural beauty, extensive geographic diversity, wealth of outdoor activities, and laid back atmosphere make it a favored destination. The fact that Kauai tends to be much less crowded than the other islands is another perk for visitors on Kauai vacations.

Airlines to Kauai
Airlines to Kauai

Though Lihue Airport in Kauai is a thoroughly modernized building full of amenities for travelers, the airport authorities have many plans underway to add a number of updates as well as make the airport a safer place to be in accordance with new United States security measures. Several projects are currently in full swing at the airport in Kauai including a major expansion of the main terminal building and a large renovation to update the baggage claim areas, including new carousels to accommodate more traffic and higher baggage volume. This will make arrivals and departures a smoother experience. The Kauai airport perimeter, as well as the surrounding fence are also being upgraded insuring maximum safety for all passengers.

Another important renovation at Lihue Airport is a major overhaul and extension to the airport's Heliport. This is a very important and well-needed upgrade as the heliport serves as the arrival and departure point of all helicopter tours and other flight tours of Kauai. Helicopter tours on the island are extremely popular. Thousands of visitors take to the skies annually making these tours one of the most popular things to do and one of the best ways to see the hidden beauty of Kauai's interior and stunning coastlines. An expansion to the heliport at the Kauai airport means better and more efficient service during tours as well as an area that will accommodate this growing sector of tourism.

There aren't really any bad times in the year to find affordable flights to the airport in Kauai. Two main tourist seasons determine the busiest times on the island which can lead to higher prices for Kauai villas, Kauai hotels and other accommodation options, but flights remain fairly steady in price. Mid-December through March and mid-June through September see the heaviest island traffic. Christmas is the busiest time of the year. Kauai vacation packages are a great way to secure an affordable flight as well as save on hotels, rental cars, and other amenities. For discounts on Kauai hotels and resorts, try planning a vacation in April or May or later in the year around October and November.

Lihue is not the only airport in Kauai but it is the only international airport. Waimea Kohala Airport services flights between the other islands with the smallest plane accommodating only nine people. The other Kauai airport is Port Allen, situated on the southern coast in Hanapepe. This airport services commuter flights arriving from other Hawaii islands by unscheduled aviation. If you're landing in Lihue Airport, there are several ways to travel to your final destination. Car rentals are available at the airport. Make sure to book ahead in high season. Some resorts and hotels offer complimentary shuttle service from the Kauai airport so be sure to check before arriving. Taxis, limousines and buses are additional options for getting around once you've landed.

After leaving the airport in Kauai you'll likely be eager to start sightseeing. An abundance of attractions on the island makes Kauai a fantastic vacation spot. From the rugged and pristine Napali Coast to the celebrated Poipu Beach, the island is full of things to do and see. Hundred of options for island tours, excellent snorkeling and diving, and plenty of natural island wonders create a magical experience for visitors.

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