Hanalei Beach

With such stunning natural beauty blanketing the North Shore of Kauai, it's no wonder many of the island's top beaches are along the coastline. Hanalei Bay and it's namesake beach are top contenders in the long list of Kauai's attractions. Shaped like a crescent moon, the entire shoreline is enveloped by white sand and hugged by majestic mountains, steep volcanic ridges, and interspersed with waterfalls. The location is prime and during peak season a Hanalei Bay vacation seems to be on everyone's mind. Celebrated widely at luaus by hula and song, Hanalei Beach owes it's natural endowments to time. The bay is an archaic valley sunken over centuries and dotted with deteriorated cliffs.

Sweeping inland in a grand indentation spanning more than a mile, and stretching two miles from one point to the other, Hanalei Bay is well known for its coral reefs and thus excellent snorkeling and area diving. The large patch of vibrant coral right in the middle of the bay is packed full of colorful fish and other marine life. There is also a sunken ship here, a treasure for divers. Year round the swimming is great, especially during the summer months when the waves are gentle. The ocean here is also ideal for fishing, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, bodyboarding and boating. There are many boat tours cruising offshore throughout the year showing off the area beauty.

Hanalei Beach is also home to an area called Black Pot, near the pier and used for surfing, swimming and snorkeling. Though this area always seems overcrowded, there is always a spot in the sun for another. There are many area attractions to explore and things to do during a Hanalei Bay vacation including hiking at Okolehao Trail and Kalalau Trail, tours of the Napali Coast, a visit to the Queens Bath and tour of the Kauai Lighthouse.

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