Hanalei Colony Resort Exterior

Set on well-manicured grounds where Hanalei leaves off and the famed Na Pali Coast begins, the Hanalei Colony Resort could hardly be located in a better spot, and it offers access to its own gold sand beach. The exterior of the Hanalei Colony Resort blends in well with its natural surroundings, as no building is more than two stories tall, and when you're not relaxing on the beach during your stay, there will plenty of other ways to keep yourself entertained.

None of the suites at the Hanalei Colony Resort feature televisions, telephones, or stereos, as guests are encouraged to spend less time in their rooms and more time taking advantage of other things, including the amenities on the hotel's exterior. In addition to a terrific beach just steps away, the Hanalei Colony Resort exterior also features picnic and barbecue areas, so you can relax with friends and family and enjoy an outdoor meal among the swaying palm trees. Should you be looking to indulge in a rejuvenating massage during your stay, you can visit the on-site spa or opt for a beachfront treatment instead. In addition, the Hanalei Colony Resort restaurant can more than satisfy your desire for a good meal with its savory menu, and the views of Hanalei Bay it offers are every bit as savory.

In addition to a fantastic beach, relaxing picnic areas, an enticing spa, and a restaurant that is quickly making a name for itself, the exterior of the Hanalei Colony Resort also features an outdoor swimming pool and hot tub. Should you be up for a little adventure on the side, you can rent a kayak and skim across the top of the Pacific Ocean, or you can dip below the surface for a look while scuba diving or snorkeling. Since the Hanalei Colony Resort exterior offers proximity to the Na Pali Coast, you can always consider doing some hiking there as well when looking to explore the general area. There is a lot for guests to enjoy when it comes to the exterior of the Hanalei Colony Resort, making it one of the premier resorts on the island of Kauai.

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