Kauai Honeymoon

The Hawaiian islands may be the most romantic place in the world for a wedding. The island is esteemed as much for what it doesn't have—no sprawling urban areas or excessive noise—as for what it offers, including unconventional small towns, clandestine beaches, and one of the most incredible coastlines on the planet. A Kauai honeymoon means abundant options when it comes to romance, and just being on the island is romantic. With an interior that's primarily uninhabited and a secluded component of shoreline ready for exploration, Kauai is an ideal destination for couples seeking romance and adventure.

The unrivaled romance of Kauai awaits, enticing couples to embark on an ongoing journey of extravagance and enchantment. Though you may only have eyes for your new spouse, you'll have no choice but to pay at least some attention to this lush, tropical paradise. There are countless choices available when planning a honeymoon in Kauai. Relaxing rhythms of Kauai's waterfalls, sun-soaked beaches, and sunsets bursting with color create a perfect backdrop for newlyweds. All-inclusive vacations to private hideaways, personalized resort packages, and many exclusive rentals provide a wide choice in accommodation during honeymoons to Kauai.

A Kauai honeymoon will never leave you bored. Even if you're simply relaxing in Kauai's striking natural surroundings, there is always something to see and do. Diving is an excellent way to enjoy some of your honeymoon in Kauai. Though it tends to be crowded during peak season, Poipu Beach is the best dive spot on the island. Here, blacktip reef sharks, a diverse number of fish, and even the occasional, bashful octopus can be seen, providing a rewarding diving experience. With Kauai's beaches comprising almost half of the entire shoreline, snorkeling is another of the many things to do during honeymoons to Kauai. Stick to the south shore for clearer, calmer water and great visibility.

Horseback riding can be another great adventure during a Kauai honeymoon, and one of the best ways to explore the sights of Kauai is by horseback. Scenic trails follow stunning coastlines to picturesque Haupu Valley, Mahaulepu Beach and its hidden coves, and up to Hanalei Valley, a special place in Kauai that has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Horseback riding in Waimea Canyon and the surrounding area is another opportunity to explore one of the island's paramount attractions.

With only ten percent of Kauai accessible by roads, there is a vast area perfect for exploring on foot. A honeymoon in Kauai deserves to be highlighted by a hiking trip or two. The Kalalau Trail is a prime destination for hikers and is ripe with the beauty for which Kauai is renowned. The eleven-mile hiking trail leads from well-known Kee Beach along the Na Pali Coast all the way to Kalalau Beach, with plenty of heart-stopping scenery along the way. For a night under the stars, consider an overnight camping trip along the trail where a simple permit is your ticket to an island liaison.

In the heart of Kauai lies majestic Mount Waialeale. Jutting more than 2,000 miles into Hawaii's blue skies, Mount Waialeale is a must-see during a Kauai honeymoon. A good way to arrange a visit is to take one of the helicopter tours offered throughout the island. Then you'll not only see the center of Kauai but also miles of stretched-out shoreline, lush mountain scenery, plummeting waterfalls, tropical foliage, and the other sights that combine to create the island's natural allure. With all of these romantic endeavors awaiting couples on honeymoons to Kauai, it's virtually impossible to stay indoors. From adventure to romance to the ultimate in relaxation, Kauai's distinct components come together to create a transcendent honeymoon destination.

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