Kauai Beaches

Dedicated beach-lovers head to Kauai for some of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in Hawaii. Kauai beaches comprise more than 140 miles of sandy shores, more than any island in Hawaii. Along the coastline visitors will find more than forty Kauai beaches to choose from creating unrivaled options in the chain of islands. The peacock blue waters create unmatched conditions for underwater activities and are so incredibly clear you'll be able to revel in an aquatic wonderland full of colorful marine animals and sea creatures.

Hanalei Bay Beach, situated on the North Shore, is where to go if you're seeking the best beach in Kauai by many and is set in the most expansive bay on the island. The bay completes a nearly faultless half-circle of gleaming white sand encompassing a framework of burgeoning, misty mountain tops and torrents of heavy waterfalls. The two-mile long beach is flanked by both the Hanalei and Waipa Rivers and is more than 120 feet wide. Amenities include restrooms, a lifegurad, pavilions and picnic tables.

Boating and windsurfing are popular things to do at Hanalei Bay Beach. Vibrant coral reefs teeming with life can be explored at either end of the bay. One of the favorite things to do is kayak up the gentle Hanalei River. A boat ramp is available for public use and a long pier is geared toward both anglers and swimmers. There are a large number of Kauai Beach villas to choose from along Hanalei Beach from smaller to large, opulent accommodations.

Ke'e Beach is another rival for the best beach on Kauai and is one of the most frequented. It's found where the road literally ends on the North Shore. The Kalalau Trail and the Napali Coast both begin here where sweeping cliff views fill the western landscape. Azure blue water, amazing black lava cliffs and powdery sand flanked by swaying palms create an idyllic setting.

Large rocks and reefs keep the water currents gentle in the summer but in the winter the water becomes more rough and dangerous. Though not as stunning or wide as Tunnels Beach or Hanalei Bay Beach, Ke'e Beach remains near the top of the list of the best beach on Kauai. The beach offers pinic areas, restrooms, and several historic sites. If you're looking for Kauai beach villas, your best bet is to look between Ke'e Beach and Hanalei for a good variety of properties.

Poipu Beach Kauai is one of the most popular tourist resorts of all the Kauai beaches. Many say this is the best beach on Kauai. Once a clandestine destination, Poipu Beach Kauai features plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventure and is complimented beautifully by stunning natural landscapes, clear waters, ideal weather and fine, sandy beaches.

Excellent Kauai golf courses, shopping and other extravagant amenities can all be found along Poipu Beach Kauai. A large assortment of resort accommodations and restaurants are also available to choose from if you want to stay and enjoy the surroundings. Poipu Beach is ideal for families looking for Kauai vacation rentals with a large variety of Kauai beach villas to choose from. With its location nearly central along the Kauai highway circuit, Poipu Beach is perfect for exploring the most popular Kauai attractions like the Napali Coast and Waimea Canyon.

There is an abundance of other beautiful Kauai beaches to explore on the island. Families love Anini Beach County Park where it's very safe for swimming and is one of the best for snorkeling in the blue lagoon. Haena Beach is popular with adventurous surfers in the winter months when immense waves are at their peak. The biggest beach in Kauai is in Polihale State Park where 17 miles of golden sand, clear ocean water, ancient burial sites and old Hawaiian temples can be scouted. With so many fantastic beaches to choose visitors will find several ideal choices for their needs.

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