Kauai Diving

Some of the best diving and snorkeling sites on Kauai are replete with unforgettable, picturesque underwater backdrops teeming with a wealth of brightly colored fish, ocean plants and curious sea creatures. The numerous coral reefs found flanking the most beautiful Kauai beaches are some of the most unique in the world and offer an unforgettable experience for Kauai diving and snorkeling trips. The best Kauai dives sites provide an experience for both the expert and novice diver with professional instruction offered.

Several protected lagoons and bays around the island provide incredible conditions for Kauai snorkeling. Kauai is literally millions of years older then the rest of the Hawaiian island chain including Maui, Oahu and Big Island providing some of the most varied experiences. Kauai snorkeling is perfect for those who aren't expert swimmers or for people who aren't fond of complete submersion. Poipu Beach is an incredible location for Kauai snorkeling and is one of the safest island beaches. The clear azure waters of Poipu are popular with families and a great spot for little ones to play in the shallow surf. If you're snorkeling at Poipu Beach head to the farthest side on the right, west of sand split.

Excellent Kauai snorkeling can also be enjoyed at Tunnels Beach. The shallow reef is infused with deep, cavernous ravines and encompasses a vast maze of underwater passages that join the bordering reef. The ocean terrain of Tunnels Beach makes exploring truly exciting and accommodates a wide variety of marine life. Ke'e Beach near the Napali Coast is another terrific location for Kauai snorkeling where you're sure to spot a number of sea critters.

The summer months are the most ideal and feature the best conditions for ocean adventure. The turquoise lagoon glistens like a rare jewel and the surrounding natural beauty and towering bluffs provide a backdrop like no other. Ke'e Beach is also home to a diverse population of fish, and Pacific green turtles often gather on the edge of the lagoon passed the reef inshore. Another of the things to do at Ke'e includes a scenic hike along the Kalalau Trail.

For those interested in Kauai scuba diving you'll be met with some of the most ideal diving conditions in the world. There are plenty of Kauai tours that visit the best Kauai dive sites around the island leaving you more time for Kauai diving and less time hunting for the honey holes. The healthiest coral reefs are found around the remote island of Ni'ihau. Kauai scuba diving around Ni'ihau showcase some of the most diverse marine animals around. Don't be surprised if you see blacktip reef sharks, moray eels, a myriad of fish and the occasional octopus.

Kauai dive sites are best accessed in the summer months as the winter conditions, with large, strong swells, make diving too difficult. Kauai scuba diving opportunities are most abundant along the south shore. The north and east shores also present ample Kauai dive sites to enjoy while the western shore isn't as popular due to strong trade winds which make accessing sites difficult. The majority of the best sites are accessed by boat so arranging a tour will offer the best Kauai dive sites to consider.

For first-time divers Kauai tours are a great way to make your first attempt. Professionals will be with you every step of the way as you take your introductory dives and work toward your certification. You'll need diving certification to take any diving tours. Once you've gained enough experience you'll be whisked away to some of the most beautiful Kauai dive sites to experience your first open water diving.

There are limited shore dives to check out in Kauai. Three of the most popular include the reefs off Tunnels Beach, Koloa Landing on the south side and Ahukini near Lihue. Experienced divers can go it alone yet it's recommended to dive with an instructor. Diving tours can be found all over the island. If you're searching for the perfect dive journey online, make sure to read reviews of the tours and be sure there are certified instructors on board. Any Kauai resorts or hotels you're staying at will also be able to recommend credible tours. Whether you chose Kauai diving or snorkeling you'll get a show fit for a king. The incredible diversity blended with fantastic conditions and great accessibility makes Kauai scuba diving and snorkeling some of the best in the world.

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