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Kauai is an adventure seeker's paradise offering every kind of activity you might want to try. From some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world to inland natural wonders, terrific fishing to great shopping, a large variety of outdoor sports and activities to the most beautiful Kauai beaches, the island has got it all. Golfers luxuriate in gorgeous championship Kauai golf courses while those who love to explore beneath the warm, azure waters will love Kauai diving and snorkeling opportunities.

A great way to see more of Kauai, in a way you normally wouldn't be able to on your own, is through great Kauai tours. Tourism is ripe on Kauai and stiff competition keep rates for boat tours on Kauai and a variety of other trips low. Some Kauai tours can be very expensive but the good news is there are plenty of options to choose from. The most common area for tours is along the Napali Coast. Napali is the head liner in Kauai attractions and is most deserving of all the attention.

Kauai helicopter tours are a truly exciting way to see the Napali Coast and surrounding area. They provide the most unique look at Kauai's topography. Air Kauai and Island Tours both offer great deals for island flights with untarnished reputations for safety. A tropical paradise unfolds below as you soar high above the verdant landscape and enjoy a bird's eye view. Almost 80% of the island's natural appeal and rugged terrain are not accessible making Kauai helicopter tours popular with those who want to every last angle..

Kauai helicopter tours are considered ecologically friendly ways to see the sights without harming sensitive flora and fauna. Tours will cover the North Shore and head to Olokele Canyon, the gateway to the famed Waimea Canyon. You'll hear in depth narration as you soar over unspoiled cliffs, majestic mountains, isolated beaches and rushing waterfalls. Kauai helicopter tours also fly above Mount Waialeale Crater, Hanalei Valley and over Lumahai Beach. Each of the tours vary but most cover all of the major sites and last about an hour.

Boat tours on Kauai also lean more toward trips along the Napali Coast. If you're diving, you'll likely want to visit the north shore sites but the south shore has plenty of diving boat tours on Kauai as well. If you're interested in visiting the north shore sea caves you'll want to choose one of the smaller tour boats as the big ones can't enter due to their size. Boat tours range immensely in price and also include a number of different onboard amenities like food and beverages, restrooms, available shade and so on.

Boat tours on Kauai also vary in length and offer different things to do like snorkel breaks, cocktails, scuba diving and lunch. When choosing a tour make sure to compare everything that's offered before you decide. Catamarans get around easily, are comfortable and are a good choice for a tour. You'll play underneath waterfalls, float near pods of dolphins and get an eyeful of stunning, postcard-perfect scenery.

Snorkeling tours Kauai guides offer are popular with young and old alike. You may wonder why many take a tour when there are so many fantastic snorkeling sites by the shore, but in truth, with snorkeling tours Kauai guides will take you to sites you wouldn't necessarily find on your own. These sites offer underwater life in incredible numbers and with such varying terrain there are many unique sea creatures you wouldn't find along the shoreline.

The Napali Coast is the most beautiful place to snorkel and is only accessible by boat. The geological age of the island has allowed many protected reefs to develop over time creating some of the best sites to explore. During snorkeling tours Kauai guides determine the best place to go by several factors including surf, tide, wind and other restrictions, things most people don't know to look for. Though the Napali Coast is most common for snorkeling tours Kauai south and east shores also have great spots to discover. Kauai tours ensure you'll see the best of everything the island has to offer as you examine the many awe-inspiring aspects of this natural utopia.

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