Kauai Vacation Rentals

Planning a vacation can be a lot of work, especially if you put plenty of thought into all the aspects of travel. If you're traveling to Hawaii, you have a number of decisions to make with the first one being which of the islands you want to stay at. If you opt for Kauai, over Oahu, Maui and Big Island, you're really in for a fantastic holiday. Kauai is one of the most beautiful of all islands and has much to offer those looking for an ideal retreat.

Kauai vacation rentals can be a great choice, especially for families who are looking for more of a home away from home rather than one of the larger Kauai luxury hotels. The choice in Kauai vacation rentals is astounding. Kauai luxury homes boast every amenity along with breathtaking scenery, secluded beaches and lots of things to do around the island. A Kauai house rental is great for accommodating a larger family and normally very well equipped for families with children of all ages. Smaller Kauai condos can also be found depending on what your needs are.

There are seemingly endless choices when you're looking for a Kauai house rental. One of the most endearing aspects is each house has its own unique named and unique features with a high level of pride that goes into maintenance and presentation. On Poipu Beach there are numerous houses to choose from, many that will accommodate up to eight people. The terrific Kauai beaches offer a number of opportunities for outdoor adventure, both in and out of the water. Home rentals commonly offer air conditioning, full kitchens, major appliances, towels and linens and entertainment systems. Gardens and/or landscaped yards with outdoor grills are great for outdoor lunches and dinners and private parking is perfect for rental car transportation.

Honu Kai Kauai, situated along the southern shore, has an abundance of Kauai condos for rent. These Kauai condos offer two to four bedrooms with a very reasonable rate attached. Kauai condos are the smaller option for Kauai vacation rentals but they don't pale in comparison. They can be just as beautifully designed and decorated as any Kauai house rental. Value for money is great when you also compare the rates to some of the luxury hotels or Kauai resorts. Condos come equipped just as any house yet typically have closer neighbors and less square footage.

Kauai luxury homes are some of the most beautiful residences you'll ever see. Their sheer beauty and magnificence is only rivaled by the astounding natural setting these Kauai luxury homes are nestled into. Some are revitalized plantations full of luxurious comforts while other luxury houses are set on a beach front property with commanding views of the ocean and surrounding area. They can be found on every shore but the North Shore near Hanalei offers the most rugged, natural beauty. If you choose the west side you'll be near Waimea Canyon and Hanapepe. On the southern shores Spouting Horn and Poipu Beach are the main Kauai attractions with plenty more things to do in the region.

The most modern kitchens, bathrooms and amenities are offered along with Kauai luxury homes. Most feature a large master bedroom with additional bedrooms, a private pool, up-to-date entertainment systems and private lanais to enjoy the sunset or sunrise or just to relax. Imagine awaking and opening your eyes to a turquoise paradise of calm ocean water and clear skies with tropical vegetation all around.

Kauai vacation rentals come in a large variety from the smallest of studios to the largest of grand, opulent homes and everything in between. Aside from rentals you can also choose from cheap hotels or higher scale suites and rooms. The choices allow for every type of holiday budget which is a big draw for tourists. The best thing is to first choose which stretch of shoreline you prefer. East and North Shores, near the Napali Coast, are most popular with the highest rates in the summer months when weather and ocean conditions are ideal.

You'll find something ideal whether you're extremely indulgent or reserved or simply midway. When you're looking for Kauai vacation rentals contact you're travel agent if you have one to help narrow down your choices and book in advance. You can also search for properties online where you'll find hundreds of different possibilities. Kauai rental agents are there to help as well and you can easily contact them to see what's available in the area you prefer. The choices are incredible and the settings represent a kind of Shangri-La not found anywhere else in the world.

Hanalei Vacation Rentals

Hanalei Vacation Rentals

Hanalei vacation rentals provide your own private retreat in full view of nature. While sitting on the lanai, sipping a cup of Hawaiian-grown coffee, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting in the way. All you need to do is soak in the views of the mist-topped mountains and endless files of green where taro grow, the root used to make poi, the traditional dish of the islands. The north shore of Kauai already looks like paradise, so staying in a condo, house or apartment gives you the chance to enjoy your own space overlooking the beautiful scenes that draw people to Hawaii.

Whether you’re planning on spending a single night on the island or an entire vacation, you’ll need a place to anchor while in northern Kauai. There are a few choices for Hanalei hotels, but you’ll get more space and more privacy with vacation rentals. You often get more space than the standard hotel room, often at comparable rates. Many Hanalei vacation rentals have their own kitchen and separate living and bedrooms, along with lanais for best taking advantage of the views and the breeze.

There are many options for rentals in Hanalei - private homes and villas are available for rent, often by the week. Several resorts have private vacation rentals included in their options, which give you the best of both worlds. You can have your space, but also the housekeeping services and other amenities you might not find with other Hanalei vacation rentals.

For even more personal service, you could stay in one of the bed-and-breakfast inns. Not only will you have a place to stay and a good meal to start the day, you’ll have access to a local who knows Hanalei and its neighbors well. The innkeepers will be eager to give suggestions of things to do both on and off the water.

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