Na Pali Coast

A Napali Coast tour is a must-do activity when visiting Kauai. The many ways to explore the north shore of Napali make it even more popular, catering to a number of different interests and allowing for discovery from different aspects of Kauai's geography. The Napali Coast stretches for fifteen miles along the northwest where warm ocean waters meet plunging cliffs continuing thousands of feet into the blue depths. Kauai activities around this intensely scenic shoreline vary and each tour has its own agenda.

One of the most pristine and beautiful shorelines in the world, the Napali Coast remains well-protected because of its secluded location. Land and water are the only two ways to access the coast during a Napali Coast tour. Another good way to explore is on one of the Kauai hiking trails along the cliffs through dense jungle vegetation. Stop at the lookout points along the way to soak up the extreme natural beauty. Via land you're faced with an arduous trek. The trail traverses naturally rugged terrain for eleven miles from Ke'e Beach to Kalalau Trail and valley.

A Napali Coast tour is a good way to see the majestic area while getting some great background information about the geology, geography and history of Napali. If you choose a tour via water there are more options in things to do. Catamarans and zodiaks are the common boat type and are operated by well versed professionals who will guide visitors in a Napali Coast tour to all the most beautiful locations.

If you decide on renting a kayak Napali Coast tours are available as well or you can take a self guided trip along the coastline. Whether you kayak Napali or choose a boat tour you'll be equally rewarded. The summer months are the best times to go, when the surf is calm and gentle providing the best conditions to kayak Napali. Kauai diving trips along Napali are also popular, many requiring little skill.

Most tours will pay a visit to the ancient fishing village of Nu`alolo Kai which isn't possible on a self-guided kayak trip. Backed by incredibly steep cliffs, Kauai activities on the island include exploring the Nu`alolo archaeological site and remote Kauai beaches. This Napali area is said to have been active between the 12th and 20th centuries. The Napali structures are enormously complex and even more impressive. Some tour operators will also take the boat through some coastal sea caves with one featuring a beautiful waterfall.

After thoroughly exploring snorkeling is another of the Kauai activities popular on Napali tours. Discover a vibrant underwater world, teeming with fish, around nearby reefs. Most boat tours include a hearty lunch if you go for the day. Kauai tours of the Napali Coast are also possible by helicopter. The bird's eye view reveals bright green, lush mountains, clear blue water and an incredibly varying landscape with isolated beaches dotting the coastline.

The majority of Napali Coast trips leave from Port Allen. They also depart from the harbor in Waimea near the Waimea Canyon and from the North Shore. Kauai activities vary for each tour so make sure you have an idea of what you want to do. Choosing between tours leaves questions to be answered. If you want a specific level of comfort kayaking may not be for you as it requires a lot of paddling which can get tough after a while. Catamarans are much more comfortable and spacious yet a kayak trip allows an entire day cruising along the ocean coastline which can be really exciting.

You can choose between morning, afternoon, sunset and full day cruises. Tour prices vary greatly so check to see what's included and what you prefer to do without. Find a tour nearby that requires little transportation to the departure point and includes Kauai activities you'll enjoy. Find out all the details before you choose your trip but every option will bring the promise of experiencing one of the most remote and breathtaking areas in all of Kauai.

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A Napali Coast tour is a must-do activity when visiting Kauai. The many ways...

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