Poipu Beach

On sublime and utopian-esque beaches in Kauai sunshine is inundating throughout most of the year, accommodations are varied and well-designed for travelers, shopping is always an adventure and culinary delights are featured every night of the week. Poipu Beach is undoubtedly one of the most highly acclaimed series of Kauai beaches. Avid golfers love the choices in both stunning and challenging championship Kauai golf courses and newlyweds fresh from Kauai weddings relish in one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Poipu Beach encompasses several beaches lining cloistral coves, gentle waves and clear, blue skies. Kauai diving and snorkeling is some of the best around Poipu Beach Park and perfect for beginners. Visitors can expect underwater experiences teeming with striped damsels, colorful angel fish, black tangs and vibrant butterfly fish. Swimming at any of the beaches is a dream. With bath-like temperatures there's no need for a second of hesitation. An abundance of outdoor recreation can be enjoyed at any of the beaches. Boogie boarding, surfing, volleyball, wind surfing and more are all pastimes of beach-goers.

Poipu Beach Park is the top choice for families. A series of curious reef arrangements flank every powdery sand beach with each featuring its own distinct coastal environment. Safety at Poipu Beach is considered the best with an on-duty lifeguard every day of the week. The cove is shallow and calm, perfect for little ones to splash around, while snorkelers young and old can walk west of the cove to a sandy bank and explore the fascinating reef.

Even farther west at Poipu, Left-Lefts is a great spot for boogie boarders. The blend of rugged coastline and nature trails makes hiking along the shore ideal. The combination of the number of activities available, pavilions and restrooms, fantastic conditions and lifeguards give this beach an A+ rating with families. Both boogie boards and snorkeling equipment rentals can be found at each of the beaches including Poipu Beach.

For those wanting an extended stay at Poipu Beach Kauai vacation rentals are in abundance. Private homes, cottages, condos and villas can all be found in the area. At Poipu Beach Kauai vacation rentals are available nearby and at the ocean front. For those on more of a budget staying nearby could be the best option. You can find accommodations within walking distance of the beaches and enjoy outings everyday.

If you prefer an oceanfront property keep in mind it will be more pricey. Ocean view, ocean access and oceanfront are all possibilities. One to four bedroom houses and cottage are predominant offering great choices. At Poipu Beach Kauai vacation rentals are reasonably priced. For the nightly rate, and even less, at one of the Kauai luxury hotels it's possible to accommodate six to eight people in one of the Kauai vacation rentals. Talk to your travel agent, agents in the area, explore your options online or look in local papers. These are all great resources for finding a rental that suits your specific needs.

There are other excellent beaches to explore from Poipu Beach. Accessed from Scouting Horn Road, west of Poipu Beach Park, Baby Beach is a safe cove great for children. Shipwreck Beach is a sweeping stretch of white sand east of Poipu that has a few miles of coastal trails to explore. It's popular with surfers and has some Kauai resorts to choose from as well. Two miles from the cusp of Poipu Road is Mahaulepu Beach, a breathtaking expanse of caramel sand with a very secluded feeling. The beach is privately owned yet allows pubic access until 6pm in the winter and 7pm in the summer. Brennecke's beach is an extension of Poipu Beach Park offering many things to do for everyone and Lawai Beach is a narrow strip of soft sand also popular for snorkeling and surfing.

The choices in amenities around Poipu Beach park varied and offer something for everyone. A variety of Kauai tours, like helicopter rides, diving trips, kayak tours, cycling journeys and jungle ziplining, are available and local grocery stores are great for shopping for homemade meals. Staying at Poipu Beach is definitely one-stop shopping leaving lots of time to dabble in a little bit of everything.

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