Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach Kauai is breathtaking and picture-perfect. It's also the best of all Kauai beaches for snorkeling and likened to swimming through an aquarium. The exceptional Hawaiian beach is exquisite at sunset where the pinnacles of Bali Hai absorb the setting sun creating one of the most spectacular views of any of Kauai's beaches. The fine sand resembles creamy butter and feels just as soft underfoot. The many things to do in and out of the water at Tunnels Beach is the best reason to visit aside from exquisite scenery.

Located on Highway 560 on the North Shore of Kauai, Tunnels Beach is the place to go for snorkeling and diving. Navigating the crystalline ocean water here provides the opportunity to experience a protected half-moon reef like no other. Plenty of sea life frequents the water with sea turtles being the star of the show. They're most often seen basking in the sunshine at the turn of the main beach entrance to the right. Divers head to the deep caverns located underwater near the shore where there's plenty more to see. Trigger fish, wrasses, trumpet fish, moray eels and tangs are all common sights.

For those just visiting for the day, early arrival is recommended in order to get one of the limited parking spots. The upside is the crowds are also limited. The main car park only accommodates about ten cars but there's a flat entryway about two hundred yards farther up the road where another small parking area can be utilized.

The isolated location makes the beach ideal for those looking for Kauai beach rentals away from major crowds. Kauai beach rentals at Tunnels Beach come in a large variety of different styles. Seaside cottages just steps from the shoreline are favorites. Kauai beach rentals in the area also include many private, fully equipped homes perfect for families. Choose from one to six bedrooms and more. Weekly rates are reasonable for many of the rentals at Tunnels Beach. Ocean side villas are also available with some providing magnificent views of the Napali Coast.

There is a host of travel agents in Kauai that can help you find the perfect beach rental. You can find agents all over Kauai, check local papers or search online for Kauai vacation rentals. There are also many Kauai hotels in the area to choose from if you prefer but the location makes a vacation rental the better choice. Though you'll spend a little more money the immediate access you'll have to all the great activities and sights are unbeatable. If you're considering a luxury Kauai hotel, Kauai beach rentals will likely offer more of a savings.

Tunnels Beach Kauai has limited facilities so make sure you're well prepared. There are no lifeguards and no restrooms or picnic tables of any kind along the two-mile beach. Bring along your own food and drinks for the day to avoid having to leave for a meal. The sand can get piping hot so bringing some type of footwear along is highly recommended. Mature ironwood trees flank the arching beach providing respite from the tropical sun, but if the beach is full you may not get a spot, leaving another incentive to arrive early.

The best time for Kauai tours is undoubtedly springtime and summer. During the fall and winter the ocean gets quite rough along the North Shore making swimming an often dangerous game. If you do visit in the winter months there's still plenty to do. The scenery remains breathtaking with Bali Hai and the Napali Coast being the major scenic backdrops. The other upside is the North Shore is replete with the most luscious and impressive tropical growth bordering many of Kauai's best and most beautiful beaches.

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