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The island of Kauai is the most lush and green of the Hawaiian islands. Blanketed with vibrant flowers and highlighted by diverse geographical elements, Kauai offers scores of things to do. Also called the Garden Isle, Kauai's paradise revels amid the blue waters of the Pacific. Only a twenty-minute flight from Honolulu, getting there is convenient and affordable. Kauai beach villas are a great base for exploring more of this wondrous island. A villa rental in Kauai offers plenty of perks and advantages over hotels, many of which are just as costly as a private rental. For a truly personalized vacation, villas in Kauai are a fantastic option.

Visitors seeking a tranquil, relaxing getaway can easily find just that during Kauai vacations. The island is home to some of the most stunning beaches in Hawaii and enjoys great weather year-round. Ranging from long, graceful stretches of sand to humble coves replete with lush vegetation, the beaches are home to some of the best Kauai villas available. One of the top perks of renting seaside villas in Kauai is that the sun, sand, and shore can be only steps away, which cuts down on travel time to the beach. Villas can be private rentals or rentals owned by larger Kauai resorts. They vary in size and cost, allowing you to choose what's best for you. Enjoying everything Kauai has to offer from the comfort of your own villa rental is something for travelers to cherish.

From Kauai house rentals to luxury villas in Kauai, the variety of choices available is staggering. Luxury villas in affluent areas such as Princeville or Poipu afford the finest accommodations on the island. Steps away, vacationers will find excellent golfing opportunities, exclusive boat tours, diving expeditions, and great deep-sea fishing. Some villas even include different types of watercraft to allow visitors to explore the water on their own. Vaulted ceilings, large picturesque windows, modern appliances, and multiple rooms and bathrooms are some of the features found in an upscale villa rental in Kauai. Extravagant Kauai beach villas are marked by plenty of lavish linens and textiles adorning modern villa designs with beautifully landscaped grounds, often including large outdoor pools. When staying at one of the more opulent vacation rentals on the island, you'll be immersed in extravagance both indoors and out.

The ocean surrounding the island on all sides means there are many Kauai beach villas to choose from, and Kauai villas can be found in all areas of the island. Seaside villas afford the best access to the most popular activities in Kauai. With the ocean nearby, Kauai cruises, snorkeling, fishing, ocean-side hiking, and much more are all at your fingertips. Though you might pay more for a seaside rental, the pleasure you'll get from being so close to the beach is unbeatable.

During the peak tourist season from mid-December through March you'll be paying top prices for Kauai villas and the competition is fierce. Plan well in advance if you arrange a vacation at this time of year. From June through September, the island experiences a second peak period. During this time a villa rental in Kauai can be more expensive but not as costly as in the winter months. Outside of these periods the rates are quite a bit lower. Kauai vacation packages are a great way to find lower villas rates, along with rental cars and other amenities.

Depending on which attractions interest you, note the location of the Kauai villas you're considering in order to avoid a long drive each day when sightseeing. However, staying in less-popular areas and managing longer travel times is a way to trade some convenience for a lesser rate. With your own villa rental in Kauai, you'll be able to soak in the natural beauty, miles of beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and verdant seaside cliffs. Bask in privacy and enjoy the memories you'll create during your island adventure.

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