Waimea Canyon Helicopter Tours

Planning and participating in a Hawaii Helicopter Tour is an exciting and exhilarating way to experience the natural majesty of the Hawaiian Islands.

While there are many helicopter charters in the region, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, Safari Helicopters and Will Squyre's Helicopters are among the most popular in the region.


Na Pali Canyons Waimea Canyon is perhaps the most beautiful canyon in the world. While it does not surpass the Grand Canyon in size, the natural beauty, evidence of volcanic eruptions and remnants of lava flows all contribute to a lush environment with no equal. The best viewing times are in the morning, when there is an ethereal beauty covers the canyon like a mist.

The The Mana Waipuna Falls is one of Hawaii's treasures. There are few cascading falls like it in the world, which makes a fly-by this location a must on a helicopter tour of the Kauai Island region.

Na Pali CoastlineThere are few coastlines in the world that match the majestic beauty of the Nal Pali Coast. With emerald mountains stretching towards the sky and sapphire oceans breaking at its feet, this place inspires all who are blessed enough to see this unbelievable range from the air. The best times to see the coast line is when the sun is low enough to cast rays of light over the ridges of the mountain.


Kaena Park is a beautiful shoreline park that shows off some of Oahu's best landscapes. When taking a tour around Oahu Island, this should be on your list of places to see from the air.

The Halona Blowhole is a natural formation, consisting of a lava tube that sucks ocean water to shore, is a must-see if you are in the area. The lava tube funnels water from the ocean to shore, resulting in a spray of water on to the island.

Sunset Beach is one of the best places to go see if you want a spectacular sunset view. Aptly named for the beautiful sunsets it gets, if you are participating in a sunset Hawaii helicopter tour, seeing this popular location from the sky is a perfect way to end your tour.


When accessible by air, seeing the volcano from a bird's eye view is one of the most popular Hawaii touring destinations. This lets visitors see the savage beauty of the lava flows and eruptions without being too close.

Located in the central portion of Hawaii Island, the 80-foot Rainbow Falls are linked with legends of the Gods. The large cavern behind the falls is reputed to be the home of the Hawaiian goddess, Hina.

The beautiful, lush Waipio Valley is difficult to access, yet it remains one of the most beautiful sites on Hawaii Island. With lush green forests and vegetation, coupled with the black sands of the region, there are few places that can compare to the exotic beauty of this inaccessible location.


The Haleakala National Park situated on one of Maui's two dormant volcanoes, is one of the most popular sites visitors go to. The peaks, at over 10,000 feet in height, offer some of the best views in the Hawaii Islands. A helicopter tour of this region will reveal the peaks as well as the flower gardens and beautiful wild landscape.

One of Maui's most endearing features is the Flower Gardens of Maui. These are the massive expanses of flower gardens that cover the valleys between the volcanoes. Due to the rich soil and clean air and water, beautiful plants thrive. Many of the flowers used in leis are grown here, and you can see the massive splashes of color in the valley on your Hawaii Helicopter Tour.

The gray green Iao needle, located in Iao State Park is a 1,000-foot spire rising dramatically from the middle of the valley floor. This unique landmark set, set in a lush valley covered in wildflowers, is a stunning sight.

You can get discount Hawaii Helicopter tours by taking flights in these established regions on the main islands. Going with tried and true routes increases your chances of discount Hawaii helicopter tours. Usually over $100 per person, most helicopter tours are 45 minutes long and depart in the mid morning. While its great to bring a camera, many tours are equipped with cameras, so that you can relive your journey all over again once you return home.

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