Kauai Whale Watching

Spotting a pod of whales is an exciting experience, especially if it's your first time seeing these magnificent animals. They are truly spectacular to watch. Often the first sign of a whale's presence is the sound of its enormous blowhole and the spouting of water as it reaches the ocean's surface. Following this, whale watchers usually start spotting other members of the pod in the surrounding area. Kauai whale watching is one of the favorite things to do when visiting the island. It's not unusual for tourists to see the whales for up to fifteen or twenty minutes at a time as they play in the water, launching their massive bodies into the air and coming down with a tremendous splash. Tails flip as the whales interact playfully with one another, a common occurrence in a pod.

Though whale watching is a more popular activity in Maui, where there are many more whales, there are numerous whale watching tours in Kauai to consider. Unfortunately, visitors who don't take Kauai vacations between December and January or March and April will miss seeing the majestic creatures. In the summer months, pods travel up to Alaska and back down to the Hawaii after building up large stores of fat to help them survive. One interesting fact about the whales is that they don't eat while they're in the southern part of their migration. The weight they gain in the summer months while in Alaska—which can be up to a third of their total weight—is utilized when they're in the Hawaiian islands. Throughout the spring, female whales give birth to their young ones.

The large number of whale watching tours in Kauai affords many different tour options and prices. Many agree that the best tours will put the interest of the whales first. Ensuring that encounters with marine mammals are safe for both the tourists and the animals is paramount. The connection made between human and animal, even from a distance, is a very special one. It's important to do some research to confirm that the tour company is a responsible one, and not just the cheapest choice.

Researching a Kauai whale watching tour is fairly simple. A recommendation from family members or friends is one way to approach your research, or asking questions before purchasing tickets is a great way to get to know the tour company and its principles better. You might want to ask the company what sort of training the crew has had, if they study or research the whales, and how long the experience generally lasts. Some whale watching tours in Kauai use their boats specifically for this purpose while others run seasonal tours, including diving and snorkeling tours. A good choice is a tour operator that is focused more on wildlife than on profit.

Other questions you might ask include how long the company has been operating and whether it adheres to strict guidelines set for whale watching. Also consider what is included in the cruise. Is breakfast, lunch, or dinner served? What kind of boat does the tour run from? Catamarans are considered one of the best types of boats for viewing, as they are the most stable and don't have loud engines that might disturb the whales. Some people prefer tours offering proceeds to whale research and protection. Be sure there will be dry and comfortable seating for you and your family for the best possible experience.

There are many factors to consider with Kauai whale watching. You'll want the best possible experience as well as the peace of mind that your tour has the whales' best interest in mind, recognizing the delicate balance between human and animal. Sometimes no whales are spotted at all, and though rare during the prime months, it's something to keep in mind to avoid being disappointed. Once you're on the water and you first spot a pod, or see the mammoth spout of water shooting into the air, you'll forget about everything else and likely find yourself mesmerized by these regal creatures.

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