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When to go to Maui
When to go to Maui

There are two basic Kauai seasons—summer and winter. They are both warm, with winter evenings being chillier. The Garden Isle is blessed with a generally balmy tropical climate throughout the year, and most people decide that when to go to Kauai is when the weather is particularly cold and unpleasant where they live. For tourists from North America, this is typically winter, and the peak season for a Kauai vacation is from about November through mid-April. This happens to coincide with the prime whale-watching season and is the best time to travel to Kauai for Hawaii surfing.

Kauai Weather
Kauai Weather

If budget is your concern, the off-season in this year-round destination is during the spring. This also happens to coincide with the best time to travel to Kauai in terms of reliably great weather. But, if you decide that your Kauai trip needs to happen between the last week of April and first week of May, be aware that this is the Golden Week for tourists from Japan, who represent a significant segment of the island’s tourism industry. But still, you will get the best deals at Kauai hotels during the spring, along with the best weather for hiking and visiting the more remote areas, such as Waimea Canyon and the rugged Na Pali Coast.

Many families take a Kauai vacation during the summer months. This means space at the resorts is at a premium, and there are many children at the beaches. But you still will pay lower prices than in the winter.

What most people worry about when they take a Kauai trip is rain, not temperature. The temperature rarely varies more than fifteen degrees throughout the year, but rain is a consideration wherever you are in the tropics. The rainy season is generally from November to March. The good news about rain during your Kauai vacation is that it is uncommon for there to be rain more than three days in row. Even though it is apt to rain on any given day just about anywhere your Kauai vacation takes you, often it is just a brief shower. And, since it is usually warm, getting wet once in a while is unlikely to spoil your experience—and it certainly doesn’t close the attractions or put a stop to the many things to do.

When you travel to Kauai you will probably take advantage of car rentals to get around from place to place. The geology of the island has created numerous microclimates, from misty rainforests and high mountain plateaus to coastal plains and secluded valleys. In a period of mere hours, the weather can change relatively drastically. The island is small, and if the weather at your Kauai vacation destination is morphing into something a bit unpleasant, it’s a simple matter to hop in the car and spend the day at attractions elsewhere on the island where the weather is better. A rule of thumb to remember is that the north side of the island receives the most rain and has the most changeable surf. The southern (leeward) coast is more sheltered and drier. Mist and clouds can obscure the magnificent Waimea Canyon and Kalalau Valley views during the afternoons. In short, take your Kauai trip when it’s most convenient (and/or cost effective) for you. Be flexible and philosophic about weather changes, and enjoy.

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