Lanai Hawaii

Lanai Hawaii is the place to come for quiet meditation, ultimate relaxation, and complete privacy. The atmosphere is that of old-world Hawaii mixed with the modern amenities that two Four Seasons Resorts provide. Five-star accommodations and fine dining combine with scenic beauty, and travelers are immersed in seclusion from the larger islands. A Lanai vacation is not like any other Pacific trip.

Travel to Lanai during winter or summer, and be submerged in the simple, peaceful luxury of the island regardless of the season. There are no large crowds, no traffic lights, minimal paved roads, and the Lanai Airport serves the local areas only and allows only commuter planes to use the airport. Thus there also are no loud noise and traffic jams to contend with—just a breathtakingly beautiful island.

Planning a Lanai vacation is an event, but one that can be relatively stress-free once the initial arrangements have been made. Once plane and accommodation reservations have been booked for the Lanai trip, the only things left to do is pack and even this can be a stress free event. Depending on the length of time planned for your Lanai vacation, pack clothes and footwear that will be comfortable for outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, boating and golfing. For dining, pack both casual wear for in town cafes and restaurants and dinner wear for fine dining at the resorts at Manele Bay and Koele. Complicated itineraries are not necessary for travel to Lanai.

A rental car for a Lanai vacation also is not necessary if you don't want to get one. Both resorts, the Four Seasons Lodge at Koele and the Four Seasons Manele Bay, provide shuttle services to the airport and back. If a car is required, taxis are available. A four-wheel drive vehicle is desirable for off-road traveling or harsh terrain, Gas is expensive on Lanai and only a few service stations are available. Be sure the vehicle has a full tank before going on a long trek.

Lanai Hawaii is dedicated to tourism and the island is a popular vacation destination, but it is not for everyone. Vacationers looking for large metropolitan atmospheres featuring clubs, crowds, and nightlife likely will not find travel to Lanai to be their preferred vacation. Those seeking a slower pace and seclusion will find a Lanai trip a perfect choice.

The history of Lanai Hawaii is long, and the culture and heritage of the ancient Hawaiians who came to the island is still prevalent in Lanai today. Yearly festivals, events, and local activities keep the community much as it was in the past. For quick day trips to explore and go sightseeing elsewhere in the Hawaiian islands, the islands of Maui, Kauai, and Oahu are accessible by taking inter-island flights or ferries.

There are many things to do, exciting places to go, and ancient things to see while enjoying a Lanai vacation. To experience the old-world charm of the island and its people, along with exquisite luxury and superior amenities, travel to Lanai and discover the island's secret to success when planning your next Hawaiian vacation.

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