Lanai Airport

Your Lanai vacation will most likely begin at the Lanai City airport (LNY), as it is the only airport on the island. This small airport supports mainly inter-island traffic though recently there have been improvements, and updates to the airport are continuing. There is primarily one access road, and that is from Kaumalaupau Highway from Lanai City. Depending on the high traffic season and the cost of airfare, you may decide to book your flight into another of the nearby island airports in Hawaii and opt for a scenic ferry ride for your transportation to Lanai.

When you fly to Lanai, you will be taking an inter-island flight, since Lanai Airport can only support the small airplanes used in those short flights and there are no flights from the US mainland. Recently, though, there have been updates to the airport, and a brand new terminal building was built to replace the older, outdated facilities, as well as extended runways to make way for bigger planes, interchanges, and heavier air traffic. In addition to new construction, there is now a car rental facility on site for visitors in need of transportation.

As with any airport, Lanai airport deals with a diverse variety of traffic on its runways. In addition to passenger air traffic, there are sometimes unscheduled landings and taxi traffic, and because the airport in Lanai covers only approximately 500 acres, the space is quite valuable in directing traffic.

The charming atmosphere of the island greets you as soon as you disembark. Arriving at Lanai airport, you will be immersed in the island ambience right away with the small and quaint surroundings of the Lanai City airport. The beauty is all around as you step off the plane onto the pavement.

It is important to consider weather and peak seasons when planning to fly to Lanai because with the high traffic during peak seasons, delays and cancellations are more likely at small airports, such as this one. This is true at any airport, so continue to check flight delays and departure timings. If you also plan to visit some of the other islands, you will be using one of the airports on surrounding islands for your initial arrival in Hawaii, and then take a boat or fly to Lanai on an inter-island flight. Maui, Lanai's sister island, is bigger and offers more facilities for your airport needs. More than twice the size of Lanai Airport (about 1,400 acres compared with roughly 500), Kahului Airport (OGG) on Maui provides carrier facilities for domestic mainland, overseas, and inter-island flights on two runways and a much bigger passenger terminal building.

Your Lanai vacation may not begin at the Lanai City Airport, but in either case, you are sure to enjoy your travels with all the things to do on Lanai. Whether you choose to fly to Lanai or arrive by ferry, you will experience the beauty and island tropics as you are greeted with warmth and sunshine by the locals. Although it is small, the Lanai airport is a wonderful starting point for your visit to the island and its attractions, including Lanai City, the beaches, and historical sites such as the Keomuku Village.

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