Lanai Beaches

If you're headed to Lanai Hawaii, for any reason at all, you absolutely should pay a visit to the Lanai beaches! The island's gorgeous weather and beaches are one of the prime reasons that Lanai is such a popular vacation destination. Whether you're on a honeymoon and want to take romantic walks on the beach, or are visiting the island with a family and want to spend time on a lively beach that offers a variety of activities, there is a beautiful beach on Lanai that will meet your needs.

Hulopoe Beach is a stunning golden-sand beach and undoubtedly one of the best beaches on Lanai. The beach is on a protected bay, and it is one of Lanai's safest spots for swimming. The safe swimming conditions make it a particularly popular beach on Lanai and an especially attractive choice for those traveling with young children.

Hulopoe Beach also boasts amazing underwater coral formations and colorful fish, and as a result, snorkeling and diving are popular activities here. Body-surfing is also possible, and nearby tide pools offer further entertainments. In short, there are all kinds of fun activities to try at Hulopoe Beach. If you want to spend a good deal of time at this beach, the luxurious Manele Bay Four Seasons may be a good Lanai hotel for you—it sits on the cliff overlooking the beach.

Another great beach on Lanai is Polihua Beach, which is located on Lanai's northwestern shore. Surrounded by cliffs, Polihua Beach is secluded and difficult to reach, but the effort it takes to get there is well worth it. The large, white-sand beach offers spectacular views of nearby Molokai, and it is a wonderful spot for quiet rest and relaxation. Polihua Beach is also one of the excellent fishing Lanai beaches, as evidenced by the fishermen's huts located on-site.

Shipwreck Beach is another of the best beaches on Lanai. Spanning several miles of Lanai's northeast coast along the Kalohi Channel, Shipwreck Beach is a great beach for hiking, beach-combing, and fishing. However, the area is also hit by the very strong currents of the Kalohi Channel, which separates Lanai from Molokai, and of the Auau Channel, and thus it is extremely dangerous to swim here. Indeed, the strong currents and numerous reefs in the area are the reason for the beach's name: Many vessels have run aground in this area, including a World War II Liberty Ship that can be seen from the shore.

Whether you want swimming, snorkeling and diving among coral formations and colorful fish, beachcombing for a shipwreck's treasure, or peaceful seclusion on a beautiful fishermen's beach, there are Lanai beaches for you. Hulopoe Beach, Polihua Beach, and Shipwreck Beach each have their own charm, but all three undoubtedly rank among the very best beaches on Lanai and will ensure that you have no shortage of things to do during your Lanai vacation.

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