Lanai Car Rental

Lanai is a fabulous vacation destination, and once travelers have arrived at the airport, they have the option of using Lanai rental cars to make their way around the island. Car rentals in Lanai provide trucks, sedans, SUVs and four-wheel drive vehicles, such as all-terrain Jeeps. Lanai Airport car rentals are available through Budget and Dollar, and Lanai car rental choices include both economy and luxury car rental options to accommodate travelers' individual needs.

There is no bus or transit system in Lanai, and much of the traveling can be done on foot. Vacationers planning to stay at either the Four Seasons at Manele Bay or Four Seasons Lodge at Koele resorts may have need of a car but both resorts provide shuttle service to and from the airport.

For those staying in the city, a Lanai car rental is not necessary because restaurants, shops, and cafes are all within walking distance. Walking, bicycling, and taking taxis are viable options for easily getting around Lanai City. A Lanai car rental would more likely be necessary when a four-wheel-vehicle is needed for vacationers who are planning to explore the remote, rugged, and scenic locations of the island.

Although they aren't necessary for getting around the city, Lanai rental cars can be useful for travelers who want to visit the island's more remote attractions, such as the Luahiwa petroglyphs or Keahiakawelo, also known as the Garden of the Gods. When looking for car rentals in Lanai, it's best to inquire about four-wheel-drive vehicles that can maneuver the rugged terrain, which many times has washed out roads because of rain. Check with the local Lanai car rental along with Lanai Airport car rentals for the best deals and availability.

Although renting a car on Lanai is not strictly necessary, it can be a good option for travelers who want to be in charge of their own itineraries and for those who want to see some of the more remote attractions on the island. One of the most interesting attractions on Lanai for drivers is the Munro Trail, a dirt road that winds through rain forests to the top of Mount Lanaihale; on a clear day, six islands are visible from the summit.

Vacationers at the Four Seasons can request that car rental arrangements be made by the hotel, or travelers have the option of contacting a Lanai car rental agent to arrange for securing a rental car, truck, van, or four-wheel-drive vehicle.

For trips away from Lanai to Maui, Oahu, Kauai, or Big Island, make use of the agents at the car rentals in Lanai locations prior to taking a commuter flight or ferry trip to ensure a car is reserved and ready to go upon arrival. Prearranging car rentals on the other islands ahead of time is an especially good idea when traveling during the peak seasons.

When planning a Hawaii vacation with a commute to Lanai, reserving a vehicle through Lanai Airport car rentals or local Lanai rental cars is a worthy consideration when making reservations for the trip. Reserving a rental vehicle ahead of time eliminates the possibility of no vehicles being available or unavailability of the type of vehicle requested.

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