Lanai Diving

An undersea adventure of scuba diving might be one of the most exciting experiences in the world, so diving on Lanai should earn on place on every visitor's list of things to do. There are several popular Lanai dive sites. They are located mainly on the southern part of the island and are accessible for the most part by boats, which come in from several ports on Lanai as well as from Maui. The sight of lava tubes and undersea lava sculptures may be the most remarkable part of Lanai diving, and it's an unforgettable way to see what's off the shore from the island's lovely beaches.

For those ready for intermediate to advanced diving on Lanai, The First Cathedral is a two-story lava tube, a true architectural wonder that rightly earns its name. The sun streams through holes in the ceiling of the cathedral, lighting up the chamber and making for a breathtaking experience as scuba divers explore the different avenues for octopuses and Moorish idols. Similarly, the Second Cathedral, larger than the first, is also a rich ground for exploration of life and beautiful lava formations. At the Second Cathedral, you may be greeted by a friendly trumpet fish, which often comes close to divers, so keep your camera handy at this dive site.

If you have never been scuba diving, there are plenty of opportunities for beginners to try diving on Lanai. In Manele Bay lie two beginner-to-intermediate diving locations, Hulopoe and Shark Fin, which gets its name from a rock that protrudes through the surface of the water and resembles the fin of shark. These are two of the best Lanai diving locations for viewing wildlife. At Shark Fin, divers will enjoy an affable greeting from the butterfly fish that scuttle toward the surface when divers appear.

Sergeant Minor and Sergeant Major are two Lanai diving sites that are suitable for beginners to advanced divers. They face the open ocean, so along with local wildlife among the coral and lava formations, divers may also catch glimpses of larger fish and dolphins in the deeper water. During the winter months, humpback whales can be viewed during their migration. White-tip reef sharks and green sea turtles often congregate at Sergeant Major, which is home to almost every kind of sea life.

The Tunnel of Love can be found at Wash Rock, which sounds romantic, but it is merely a short, narrow tube which allows only enough space for a couple of people to enter at one time. Fish Rock is also popular for snorkeling as well as Lanai scuba diving. Spinner dolphins are often seen at Fish Rock, in addition to the occasional humpback during the prime whale watching season.

Only one Lanai scuba diving site resides in a place other than the southern part of the island, and that is Turtle Haven, which lies in the east. This beginner's site is accessible only by boat. True to its name, Turtle Haven is home to a great many sea turtles, which can be seen dozens at a time. Nearby, there is also a shipwreck that will appeal to explorers who are interested in marine life.

It could be said that Lanai holds some of the most mystical dive sites in all of Hawaii. The intricate lava tubes and formations not only hold a grand array of plant and animal life, but also create a supernatural effect as the sunlight peeks through the porous ceilings and phenomenal structures, making Lanai scuba diving a unique and thrilling experience.

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