Dole Park

One of the fun things to do in Lanai is to pay a visit to Dole Park in Lanai City. Also known as the Lanai City Commercial Square, Dole Park Lanai is a grassy area located in the heart of Lanai City, the small town on the island. Dole Park Lanai is bordered by Lanai Avenue, Frasier Avenue, Seventh Street, and Eighth Street, and these four blocks comprise the quaint downtown of Lanai City. Because of its central location, this park in Lanai City is easy to find and it is truly a breeze to fit a visit here into any Lanai vacation itinerary.

Dole Park in Lanai City has been an important fixture on Lanai for a long time in the island's history. It was created back in the early 1920s, around the same time the Dole pineapple plantation village on Lanai was established. Today, the large green square remains a central gathering place for the local community and visitors. There are plenty of picnic tables, perfect for a relaxed outdoors meal with friends and family. There is also a community center and covered pavilion. Of course, you'll also find plenty room on the sunny green lawns for pickup soccer games. To keep cool, stake out a spot in the shade cast by the smattering of towering pine trees.

While visiting Dole Park Lanai, be sure to take a few moments to visit the various veterans memorials found on-site. One Dole Park war memorial honors those soldiers who fought in World War II. Soldiers who fought in the Korean War are also paid tribute by a Dole Park war memorial. These stone memorials are sober reminders of the ultimate sacrifice that many Lanai residents made for their country.

Many of the island's restaurants, businesses, and galleries, as well as Lanai's only playhouse, are located on the four streets that border Dole Park Lanai, so chances are you will be in the neighborhood at some point on your vacation. The nearby eateries, including casual cafes and bistros, provide various dining opportunities to sample the local cuisine in case you aren't in the mood for an outdoor picnic in the park. A handful of galleries and shops welcome you in for browsing. If your mode of island transportation on Lanai is a rental car, you can find free parking on the streets surrounding the park.

With its green lawns and shady pockets, Dole Park in Lanai City is a perfect place for whiling away a sunny, relaxing afternoon. As an added draw, you'll even get a bit of history from the Dole Park war memorial. Especially if you've spent other days engaged in more strenuous activities such as diving, hiking, or snorkeling, a bit of downtime in the park may offer the perfect balance to make your Lanai vacation as wonderful as possible. The park's central location makes it an even more attractive spot, as you can follow-up your time in Dole Park with a visit to local galleries or restaurants in downtown Lanai City.

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