Lanai Golf Courses

Whether you are an experienced golfer or just a putter, be sure to check out the two world-renowned Lanai golf courses during your vacation to Hawaii. The Challenge at Manele, designed by Jack Nicklaus, and The Experience at Koele, designed by Ted Robinson and golfer Greg Norman, are both excellent places to play. Although there are only a couple of choices for golf courses on Lanai, they are among the world's best. One other golf course that is worth looking into when considering what things to do on Lanai is the Cavendish, built for employees of the Dole Pineapple company.

Golfing on Lanai is truly a resort experience, as both Four Seasons resorts on the island boast courses. The Manele Bay Hotel hosts The Challenge at Manele, while The Experience at Koele is located at the Lodge at Koele. After a long day of golf, visitors also can enjoy the relaxing environment of either of these resort hotels. Tourists can expect five-star luxury and spa treatments from the Lodge at Koele and the Manele Bay Hotel, and golf packages are also available from both hotels.

The Challenge at Manele is located on the island's leeward coast, and this one of the Lanai golf courses is truly a challenge to test the skills of golfers. The best of the best can come here to push their ability to the limit. In addition to either a relaxing or a challenging day of golfing, depending on which way you see it, you will absolutely enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean below. This Lanai golf course is etched into the black lava fields and craggy cliffs that abruptly stop, leaving a steep drop to the ocean hundreds of feet below. Here, there are no man-made water traps—the ocean is the perilous hazard for your golf ball.

The Experience at Koele is among the top ten golf courses in the world. This particular Lanai golf course is sculpted from the mountains, which house tropical rain forests. Golfing on Lanai at the Experience at Koele is much more of an experience than a challenge, unlike its sister course at Manele Bay. The weather is more pleasant and cool compared with the coastal sunshine, and the lush greenery immerses guests into a true tropical island experience. The only hazard at this golf course is the periodic misty rain, so pack an umbrella for unexpected sprinkles.

The Cavendish is the lesser known one of the Lanai golf courses. In 1947, E. B. Cavendish designed this course for the employees of the Dole Pineapple plantation. It is located near Lanai City and, unusually, operates on the honor system. Visitors to the course pay fees according to what they feel it is worth.

Regardless of whether you are a golfer, you are sure to enjoy the experiences that these golf courses have to offer to visitors to Lanai. As world-renowned courses, they are not something to be missed, even by the passers-by. Enjoy the breathtaking views and the history behind golfing on Lanai, and the challenge and experience lie in wait for visitors who look forward to adding Lanai golf to their list of things to do.

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