Lanai City

The beautiful scenery, lush surroundings, and azure waters surrounding Lanai City Hawaii are breathtaking. Combined with nearly perfect year-round weather, two first-class resorts, professional golf courses, and five-star dining establishments, this backdrop will ensure a vacation to Lanai City will be memorable.

Travel to Lanai City begins once travelers are transported to the island by commuter plane to the local airport, or by the Lanai or Molokai ferry. Both are conveniently located a short distance from the city and shuttles, limo, and taxi services are available. Just about everything is within walking distance, making Lanai City travel easy and enjoyable.

The island, once known as the Pineapple Island because of the pineapple industry managed by James Dole that flourished for many years, is currently known as the most secluded of the island chain. Relaxation and enjoying each day to its fullest without itineraries is what Lanai City travel aims to provide.

Within the confines of the city are numerous cafes, bistros, and restaurants along with the vintage Hotel Lanai. This eleven-room hotel was once a guesthouse used by friends and relatives visiting the Dole Plantation.

A vacation to Lanai City is for travelers who are looking for a slower pace where quiet, solitude, and privacy are the norm, yet all the conveniences offered in a much larger city are at hand. When vacationers choose to visit Lanai City Hawaii instead of the more populated areas in the Hawaiian islands, they can be confident that the experiences of a vacation to Lanai City will be stress-free.

Lanai City travel suggestions include seeing the local sights, taking in a live show at the Lanai Playhouse, golfing at the nine-hole Cavendish Golf course, visiting the Mike Carroll Gallery, or simply spending a relaxing afternoon sunbathing on Hulopoe Beach or shopping at one of the nearby shops or boutiques. Stop by one of the delis or cafes for a late afternoon or pick up a picnic basket and head to Dole Park for a family picnic. The island's major attractions, including the Garden of the Gods, the Luahiwa petroglyphs, and the Munro Trail, can easily be accessed from the city for travelers who intend to use it as a base for exploring the rest of the island.

Travel to Lanai City offers a variety of vacation activities and depends on personal preferences. Hawaii surfing has the best conditions along the North Shore in the winter which runs from October to April. During this time, visitors to Hawaii increase in anticipation of witnessing the migration of the humpback whales in the waters along Maui. The summer months run from May to October and are better suited for Hawaii sailing trips, beach activities, and golfing at one of Lanai's three courses.

Lanai City Hawaii is the perfect getaway destination situated among an island chain filled with lush, tropical vegetation, waterfalls, remote beaches, hiking trails, mountains, and volcanoes. Travel from Lanai City to the other islands is convenient and easy to do by using ferries or commuter planes, which provides endless opportunities for tours and creating a memorable adventure, while still enjoying everything Lanai City and the surrounding areas have to offer.

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