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Lanai hotels take advantage of very different landscapes across this Hawaiian island. Perched above the Pacific Ocean, deep in the highland rain forest or in Lanai City, accommodations options offer different elements of island charm. The sixth-largest of all the Hawaiian islands, Lanai has only recently opened its doors to travelers seeking an untouched island feel. Hotels in Lanai are known for tranquility, and a population of just more than 3,000 gives Lanai a very intimate ambience. Previously an island-wide pineapple plantation, Lanai has earned the nickname Pineapple Island. Those days are long gone now, and accommodations in Lanai have reached a new level of luxury. The Four Seasons is to thank for creating luxury hotels in Lanai.

As the pineapple industry was phased out on the island, hotels in Lanai granted access to white-sand beaches and a protected marine reserve. A neighbor of Maui, the private island has two options for luxury accommodations in Lanai. The Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay and the Four Seasons Lodge at Koele provide different options for lodging in Lanai. All the amenities of the Four Seasons can be expected at both properties, which have been drawing travelers from the main islands. The Hawaiian cheerful spirit is felt at both of these Lanai hotels, offering a range of activities from golfing to hiking to aquatic adventures such as snorkeling.

Romance is often a reason travelers choose a luxury hotel in Lanai. A much smaller and more secluded island than Maui to the east, a combination of consistently good weather, natural beauty, and professional touches equals romance. Lanai hotels have also been a desired destination for weddings. Bill Gates himself turned to accommodations in Lanai to host his reception, as the seclusion of the hotel and the dramatic coastal setting complete with multi-level gardens create a delightful setting for a special occasion. Waterfalls and colorful Hawaiian foliage completed the romantic picture, lending the couple true privacy to celebrate.

An unspoiled island playground, Lanai hotels offer a beachfront location with Manele Bay or an inland location with Four Seasons Koele Lodge. The inland luxury hotel in Lanai offers many perks in exchange for its short distance to the ocean, including two world-ranked golf courses. Both Four Seasons hotels in Lanai offer guests exceptional services surrounded by Hawaii’s natural beauty. Unique for lodging in Lanai, the Four Seasons Koele reminds guests of a secluded country manor. The original hotel on the island of Lanai is the Hotel Lanai, a small country inn built in the 1920s. Simplicity, a welcoming atmosphere, and eleven charming guest rooms introduce guests to the paradise of Lanai. Until 1990, Hotel Lanai was the only hotel on the island.

Hotels in Lanai provide guests with the seclusion of their own private island. Many travelers head to the larger islands of Hawaii, but fewer have graced the 140 square miles of Lanai. Since its transformation from the largest pineapple plantation in the world to a haven for off-the-beaten-path tourists, Lanai has delivered tranquility, beauty, and adventure. With two different perspectives for a luxury hotel in Lanai, there is an option for almost any type of traveler. Lodging in Lanai takes advantage of the secluded, private island in the design of its accommodation. Whether you are looking to swim and relax on the beach, or take a swing on world-class golf courses, Lanai delivers with its year-round perfect weather.

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