Polihua Beach

You can't go to Hawaii and not go to the beach. Whether you are visiting Lanai on vacation or on a honeymoon, the various beaches of the island are some of Lanai's must-see attractions. Polihua Beach, located on Lanai's northwestern shore, is one of the best beaches in Lanai for good reason. With beautiful views of Molokai, Polihua Beach is a great pick for shoreside sunbathing and beachcombing, especially for those who are seeking a beautiful and relatively secluded beach experience. Polihua Beach Lanai also offers fishing opportunities, so you might not be the only ones on the shore.

At one time, the northwestern shore of Lanai was a major nesting ground for green sea turtles. So many turtles came onto the beaches to bury their eggs in the sand that the Hawaiians named this beach Polihua, which means egg nest. Nowadays, green sea turtles are endangered, and though the species is making a comeback, sightings of the animals on Polihua Beach are rare. Instead, you'll have better luck looking for a whale farther out if you're visiting during the winter season between December and April. Although sea animals may be able to handle the currents just fine, the waters at Polihua Beach present dangerous conditions for people. Polihua Beach is not safe for swimming, diving, or snorkeling—for those activities you'll want to try Hulopoe Beach instead. But even though Polihua Beach does not offer water-based entertainment, there are still many draws that bring people to the beach.

Part of the particular charm of Polihua Beach Lanai is its very remote situation. Located on the northwestern shore of Lanai and surrounded by cliffs, Polihua Beach is difficult to reach and therefore discourages crowds. You will need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to reach the beach, and you'll drive several miles on a rocky dirt trail, so consider whether you'll be going to this beach when planning your Lanai transportation or car rentals. Those who put in the effort to reach the beach are well rewarded with one-and-a-half miles of white sand. Indeed, Polihua Beach is the longest white-sand beach on Lanai. The beach offers beautiful views of nearby Molokai on a clear day, and the unique shore is a wonderful spot for rest and relaxation. Polihua Beach can be very windy at times, so if you're going for sunbathing you might want to pick a calm day. Because of its long shore, Polihua Beach is also a nice spot for hiking along the beach. At the northern edge of the beach you'll find tide pools as well. You may see some fishermen's huts, but those are the nearly the only structures you'll see, as this beach has no restrooms or shower facilities.

Polihua Beach Lanai is a beautiful, remote beach that is quite cut off from anything else on the island. While there is no opportunity for swimming or other sports at this beach, Polihua is a still good pick for those who are looking for a very secluded beach for sunbathing, shell-collecting, or picnicking. Bring a camera and drinking water, and get ready to have a beautiful beach almost all to yourself.

Image: Hawaii Tourism Japan
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