Lanai Snorkeling

Lanai, quiet and untamed, offers its guest a chance to experience real, old-world Hawaii. There is a wide spectrum of activities and things to do on Lanai that are available to visitors, one of which is the ever-popular snorkeling excursion. Lanai boasts some of the best waters and beaches for snorkeling and exploring the underwater marine life. For Lanai snorkel trips, travelers can reach the island on a ferry tour from Maui or they can depart from their own Lanai hotels.

This tiny Pineapple Island offers a wide variety of things to do, and though not all travelers will be interested in hiking, scuba diving in the underwater lava tubes, fishing or golfing, it would be a shame to conclude a Lanai vacation without having tried snorkeling. Snorkeling in Lanai is one of the most popular activities among vacationers, and Lanai snorkel trips can be booked individually or with vacation packages online or locally. Often, booking in advance helps visitors save money that they can then use to enjoy other attractions.

While snorkeling in Lanai, travelers will enjoy some of the clearest waters and most scenic beaches in the islands. The two most popular beaches are Hulopoe and Polihua; these two beaches are also rated among the most romantic beaches in the world, so couples on their honeymoon might wish to visit them as well. Clear waters offer outstanding glimpses of marine life for travelers to enjoy while they are snorkeling in Lanai.

At Hulopoe, you will also find the famous Puu Pehe, also known as Sweetheart Rock, so take a break with your sweetheart while snorkeling near this beach for some pictures and enjoy the romance around you. At Hulopoe Bay, you may also experience one of the frequent visits from the playful spinner dolphins and occasionally, the bottlenose dolphin as well. When dolphins come to the bay, it is a resting period for them. Approaching the animals is prohibited, as this disturbs their natural state of being. Motorized boats are also prohibited in the bay, which makes for excellent Lanai snorkeling and swimming conditions.

Whether your vacation is booked on the island of Lanai or on one of the surrounding islands, there will still be opportunities for Lanai snorkel trips. From Maui, boats and ferries are available for snorkeling tours. Take one of the ferries for a cruise across the channel between Maui and its sister island, as boat trips are available for visitors looking for the best snorkeling grounds in the Hawaiian islands.

Lanai snorkeling is an experience all in itself that may require a full day of underwater exploration for some interested travelers. Pack a picnic, and make a day of lounging at the beach and snorkeling in Lanai whether you are staying on the island or elsewhere. Enjoy the pristine waters and exciting views of sea life as you float on the surface of the waters at Polihua Beach and Hulopoe Bay. Wherever you choose to spend your Lanai snorkeling trip, you are sure to take pleasure in the untamed tropical island experience.

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