Lanai Spas

Traditionally called the Pineapple Island after the Dole Plantation crop that covered it for many years, Lanai is now a privately owned resort island. While there are plenty of opportunities for adventure and exploration on this island, such as scuba diving and snorkeling excursions, there are also some of the most luxurious resorts and spas around in the two Four Seasons. Not only will you enjoy a rejuvenating experience, but at the same time you will have fantastic views of the island. Lanai spas offer you a time to heal and revitalize your body on your Hawaii vacation.

Spa treatment in Lanai is never far away. At each of the two resorts in Lanai, you will find spas and massages, and a relaxing Lanai vacation would not be complete without a revitalizing spa treatment. The Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay offers a luxury Lanai resort spa on-site. Here, you will experience the luxurious treatments such as pedicures and body wraps against the backdrop of the scenic Challenge of Manele Bay golf course. The Four Seasons Lodge at Koele also offers Lanai resort spa treatments along with its luxurious accommodations. These resorts are becoming increasingly popular as they offer to meet every guest's desires on the grounds of the hotel, with personal health and wellness services provided along with fine restaurants and opportunities for outdoor activities.

Some of the popular bed and breakfasts on the island, such as the Hotel Lanai located in Lanai City, offer massages and spa treatments to guests upon request. If you are looking for a spa in Lanai that offers a charming atmosphere and friendly employees, look no further. The benefits of a bed and breakfast spa are the closeness to the natural surroundings; while resort spas are luxurious, you may miss out on the simple luxuries of a tropical island that you'll easily see at a more intimate location. Treatments at Lanai spas are often included in hotel and vacation packages, and while walk-in requests are always welcomed, booking in advance can save a lot of money.

After a day of hiking and underwater excursions, Lanai spas can be the perfect place for travelers to relax and recharge for another day of their Lanai vacation. At any spa in Lanai, there will be marvelous views of the island, so imagine having a massage or enjoying a mud bath while overlooking one of the rugged red lava fields, a seaside cliff, or even the tropical paradise beaches with the sound of rushing waves in the background.

The benefits of a tropical island spa are endless. Lanai offers everything from adventure to relaxation to rejuvenation to luxury all within a stone's throw of each other. Whether you choose a Lanai resort spa or one of the local Lanai spas for your healing and restoration, you will encounter something synonymous with paradise. There is not a spa in Lanai that doesn't have a fabulous experience waiting for tired travelers.

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