Things to Do in Lanai

Vacationing in the Hawaiian Islands is possible year-round because of the temperate climate and tropical atmosphere. Temperatures range from the low 60s during the day in the winter to the 80s in the summer months, which allows travelers to plan and schedule a Lanai vacation throughout the year. Depending on the activities and events available and what attractions visitors are interested in seeing can narrow down the best time to vacation in the Hawaiian islands.

Lanai is one of the quietest Hawaiian vacation destinations and can be ideal for vacationers who want to enjoy the outdoors or relax in quiet luxury at one of the two Four Seasons resorts. Access to the island is by commuter plane or ferry but once on land, there are numerous things to do in Lanai including sightseeing tours, hiking, and visiting the major attractions. Take a helicopter tour and see the island from above, or enjoy one of the off-road Lanai activities, include a drive to the Garden of the Gods, which requires a four-wheel drive vehicle for your rental car.

Dole Park

Many interesting Lanai activities are located in the island's lone city, including Dole Park, which surrounds the downtown district and creates the town square. The park, also known as the Lanai City Commercial Square, was established in 1922 along with the Dole Plantation. Today, the park serves as a picnic area with covered pavilions, restaurants, and shops nearby. The Lanai Playhouse, featuring shows and movies, is located within the square.

Art Galleries

Several art galleries are located in the surrounding Dole Park area including the Mike Carroll Gallery, Twinspirations Old World Arts, and Jordanne Fine Art Studio Gallery.

Orchid House and Gardens

Vacationers looking free things to do in Lanai will not be disappointed. The Orchid House and Gardens, located at the Four Seasons Lodge at Koele, contains an assortment of flowers, ferns, palms, tropical plants, and orchids.

Luahiwa Petroglyphs

The Luahiwa Petroglyphs are a collection of ancient glyphs drawn on large boulders depicting different aspects of life on Lanai. To access the site, a four-wheel-drive vehicle is necessary for negotiating the dirt roads. Wear appropriate climbing boots as the path to the glyphs is on a hillside. Have clear directions to the site before embarking as the site itself is not marked.


Additional outdoor Lanai activities include golfing at the Experience at Koele and the Challenge at Manele golf courses. Located next to the Lodge at Koele is the Cavendish Golf Course established in 1947 for Dole employees. The 9-hole, 36 par course is open to the public.


At Maui County Park & Recreation's 500+ Kanepuu Preserve, hike through forest, rare trees and native plants. Travelers who like the outdoors can also hike to Seal Point or Munro Trail for spectacular views, and or they can observe dolphins and even go scuba diving at Hulopoe Bay.


One of the most popular things to do in Lanai is enjoying the sun and surf of the beaches. The beaches offer more Lanai things to do including swimming and snorkeling at Hulopoe Beach, sunning at Polihua Beach, fishing at Huawai Bay and hiking the miles of coast on Shipwreck Beach.

Water Sports

Things to do in Lanai involving water sports are easily scheduled through Adventure Lanai Ecocenter, which offers snorkeling, kayaking, and tours. They can also be set up through Trilogy Ocean Sports, which provides sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and charters.

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