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Although the Pineapple Island is a small one, Lanai has plenty to offer its visitors in the way of rest and relaxation as well as adventure and exploration. Taking time out from your busy vacation schedule for guided tours on Lanai is always a fabulous idea if you want to learn more about your surroundings, and they should be included on your list of things to do. Lanai Hawaii tours are available in hotel and vacation packages and in a variety of forms. Some of the Lanai tours include off-road trips, regular sightseeing adventures, and inter-island tours for those coming on a day trip from one of the neighboring islands, such as Maui.

Among the plentiful things to do on the island, the Lanai Hawaii tours are among the most informative and interesting. Guided tours on Lanai are offered in various ways. Booking a package online or at your hotel is often the simplest way, but tourist offices on the island and a variety of web sites also offer a multitude of information and options for tourists. Taking a tour at the beginning of a Lanai vacation can help travelers decide which attractions they're most interested in seeing later on in the trip, such as the Garden of the Gods or the abandoned Keomuku Village.

Lanai has a rich historical background. Several history-related Lanai tours will take you back in time to the Dole pineapple plantation that covered the entire island in the 1920s and to Shipwreck Beach, where remnants of a World War II ship lie in the reefs off the coast of Lanai. Some other interesting sightseeing can be done at either of the world-famous golf courses, the Challenge at Manele Bay and the Experience at Koele. These two courses were designed, carved out of, and shaped by the land, and playing a round of golf here is tantamount to a sightseeing tour in itself. The Challenge features fields of lava, while the Experience at Koele incorporates a vast tropical rain forest. Scuba diving tours are also intriguing spectacles for divers of every experience level, and during the winter season, look for the migrating humpback whales.

There are plenty of activities abounding on the island of Lanai, but one of the best ways to see the important sights is to book one of the guided tours on Lanai. A variety of guided Lanai Hawaii tours is available, including adventure ATV and off-road tours, inter-island tours, and boat tours. On the adventure tours, you will see the rugged side of Lanai, featuring rocky cliffs and rugged fields of red dirt and lava. Adventure tours also take you into the tropical rain forests and areas that might be otherwise unreachable. Inter-island tours take you in and around several of the islands surrounding Lanai such as Maui and Molokai, while boat tours allow you to see the stunning scenery of the island from the water. Other tours available to travelers are horseback riding tours from the Four Seasons Resorts, helicopter tours for beautiful aerial views of Lanai and surrounding islands, and sailing tours along the coast.

This traditional Pineapple Island holds fantastic adventures for vacationers, and Lanai tours are no exception. Whichever tour you decide is right for your vacation itinerary, you will find that Lanai is rich in history and experiences. Touring the island will give you a new perspective on paradise. The smallest of the Hawaiian islands, Lanai is full of activities and tropical encounters and surprises waiting to be discovered by the wanderlust traveler.

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