Lanai Vacation Rentals

Lanai vacation rentals provide a variety of options in accommodations for travelers, and while there are good choices for resorts and B&Bs on Lanai, taking a vacation rental in Lanai is also popular among visitors. Depending on the type of Lanai vacation rental you choose, it could prove to be the more inexpensive choice of accommodations, especially compared with the two Four Seasons on the island. With Lanai vacation rentals, visitors will find accommodations much like the ones at their own homes, making it a very comfortable and convenient place to stay.

Vacation rentals include a variety of houses and huts, while many of the rentals are Lanai condos. Condo rentals in Lanai can be quite comfortable as they have every amenity available. If you are looking to rent Lanai condos, you are also likely to have access to pools, spas, golf, tennis, and several other amenities that you might also find at a resort. Choosing a vacation rental as your option for accommodation will often be an advantage, as they include extra space with multiple bedrooms, living and dining areas for company, and patios for barbecues or get-togethers. When booking your vacation rental, visitors can opt for three or four bedrooms if traveling in a group, or go for a studio or one-bedroom if they are part of a couple or traveling alone. Researching each option available is always important, as condo rentals in Lanai may prove to be smaller than your needs allow, especially if you are traveling with a family or large group. It is important to take all of the details into account before making your decision to book any Lanai condos.

Lanai vacation rentals often have a wide range in prices and size. Vacation rentals are offered at per night rates as well as per week and sometimes per month prices. Depending on your budget and advance planning, you may discover that booking a vacation rental in Lanai is less expensive than the other accommodations you find, especially as you will be able to prepare your own meals in the kitchen at your condo or other rental. The added privacy is also appealing to many travelers, such as couples on their honeymoon.

Vacation rentals in Lanai can be found all over the island, but the most coveted rentals can be found on the lovely beaches of Lanai, including the best beaches in the southeast part of the island, where you will find an abundance of things to do. The activities are all within a relatively short distance of one another, especially for visitors with a rental car, making it easy to choose where to book your vacation rental in Lanai. Shipwreck Beach holds the remnants of a World War II ship and has interesting activities nearby, including hiking. Two of the best beaches for swimming and undersea excursions are Hulopoe and Polihua beaches, which are also known at two of the most romantic beaches in the world. The quiet tranquility of the island makes it the perfect getaway from the hustle of everyday life. There is not even a traffic light on the island to disturb the natural setting.

Lanai offers an abundance and variety of accommodations for its visitors. Whether you are looking for a resort hotel, a quaint bed and breakfast or condo rentals in Lanai, there is something that suits every need and budget. Visitors who are looking for a home-away-from-home experience on their Hawaii vacation might find their best fit with Lanai vacation rentals.

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