Lanai Weddings

Lanai is the perfect setting for a wedding, as the island is a peaceful tropical paradise that offers quiet and luxury at the same time; Microsoft founder Bill Gates is among the people who have chosen to tie the knot here. The legal requirements for a marriage in Hawaii are quite minimal, and the cost is low enough for anyone who dreams of a seaside wedding. Lanai weddings offer a variety of options for those saying their vows from a ballroom to a manicured garden to a rugged lava cliff or the white beaches on Manele Bay.

Weddings in Lanai are often centered on the beautiful natural landscape of the island as Lanai is a unique island in that the terrain is diverse in structure and vegetation—or at some locations, the lack of it. This diversity of land gives the bride and groom plenty of options to choose a personal setting for their Lanai Hawaii wedding.

Having a beach wedding in Lanai is among the most romantic option. Mention the phrase beach wedding, and the thoughts drift to soft white sands, a magical sunset, and waves lapping the shores—Lanai weddings are exactly what you imagine. If you plan a beach wedding in Lanai, you can look forward to two of the most romantic beaches in Hawaii: Hulopoe and Polihua. Hulopoe is home to the historic Sweetheart Rock, also called Puu Pehe, and is one of the most popular locations for beach weddings in Lanai. Polihua Beach has been rated among the best walking beaches in the world. Both of these beaches are free to the public, making for an inexpensive venue for weddings in Lanai.

The Four Seasons resorts at Koele and Manele Bay both offer several options for Lanai weddings and will also help plan the ceremony; assistance in planning your destination wedding may help avoid stress. There are also packages for Lanai honeymoons at these major resorts and other bed and breakfasts on the island. If you book your package at one of the Four Seasons, you will be able to pick from having your wedding in one of the large ballrooms, outside on a rocky cliff, or on one of the romantic white-sand beaches, with your honeymoon booked at one of these hotels, depending on where you choose to have your wedding, and in addition to everything else, Four Seasons will also help with your reception.

Some of the wedding packages can be booked for as little as $1,500, including a nondenominational minister, two flower leis for a Hawaiian lei exchange, a professional photographer, a private website for your wedding photos, wedding coordinator, and marriage license appointment—and it may be a small price to pay for one of the most romantic weddings in the world. Lanai weddings remain fairly inexpensive due to the popularity in beaches which are free, so there are no site fees.

The beautiful scenery of the island creates an ideal setting for weddings in Lanai. With the diverse splendor on Lanai, the intended couple should have little difficulty finding the right location for the most romantic wedding, whether it is a beach wedding in Lanai or one indoors. Affordable wedding packages are available for those who need help in planning, and once the ceremony is over, Lanai has abundant things to do for couples on their honeymoon.

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