Flights to Maui

Researching and booking flights to Maui calls for dedication if you want the best prices available. The total price tag for a Maui vacation is always changing. Rates continuously fluctuate depending on availability, and it's important to snatch up a good deal when you find it. There are peak seasons and low seasons to consider, as well as other factors, depending on what you're planning to do once there.

There are ideal times for surfing and specific times that are good for whale watching. Both of these coincide with higher-priced Maui flights as the island's popularity swells. When island hopping, tourists can fly to Maui or take one of the inter-island cruises to get back and forth among the Hawaiian islands. When flying from outside Hawaii, your biggest job will be finding accommodating and well-priced airfare.

Flights to Maui
Flights to Maui

There are two small airports on Maui and one major airport. Most visitors fly directly into Kahului. The other two airports are located in Kapalua and Hana but are used mostly by smaller regional aircraft as well as some tour operators offering Maui helicopter tours. When visiting the island there are really only two ways of arriving: You can either fly to Maui on an inter-island flight or take a charter or commuter plane.

Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines

While some flights to Maui are direct, many stop over in Honolulu first and either connect to Maui or leave passengers to find their own way over. Often the cheaper option is to fly directly. Sometimes direct flights can be less expensive, but and other times they're not. It depends on the airline and time of year, so check around first. One-way Maui flights to Honolulu are very affordable, even though they can range quite a bit in price. Cheap airfare to Maui from the other islands is always an incentive to island hop if you plan your trip well.

A remarkable 2 million passengers take flights to Maui every year. Seeking out Maui's celebrated beaches, the majority of visitors aim for the west side, around Lahaina and Kapalua, where most tourist amenities are concentrated. The summer months bring on the biggest crowds. At this time of year it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find rental cars and lodging choices can be slim.

The last couple of weeks of December find Maui very congested as well, though not as much as in the summer, with vacationers looking for a sun destination over the Christmas holidays. At both of these times of year, along with a few other tourism spikes, finding Maui flights to accommodate your schedule and budget can be harder. Plan well ahead to ensure you get the flights you need when you need them.

With summer and winter temperatures hardly differing, there is no bad time to head to Maui as far as the weather is concerned. Along the west coast, conditions are mostly dry and sunny, while the Kula Uplands and the southeast area can be misty, wet, and lush. December through March is considered to be the rainy season, though rain comes in short bursts rather than long downfalls. If you fly to Maui outside of the Christmas holidays, you're sure to find some of the cheapest flights available.

If your transpacific flight is landing in Oahu's Honolulu International Airport, you'll need an onward flight to Maui, but don't expect to get it without booking in advance. There are numerous American airlines offering direct and connecting flights at various rates. Flying midweek is always less expensive, and the more flexible you are with your travel dates means you'll enjoy better rates than those who need an exact itinerary.

If you can purchase your flights to Maui in advance, look out for sale fares in newspapers, on the internet, and on TV. These tend to be during the fall and spring when tourism is low. By saving yourself a few hundred dollars, you can have extra money for the many attractions on the island. Hiking expeditions, island cruises, fine dining, upscale accommodations, or Maui house rentals all add that extra dimension of pleasure that will boost your vacation experience from great to spectacular.

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