Maui Airport

Whether travelers are planning to visit multiple islands or spend all of their time on Hawaii's second-largest island, they need to decide how to get there. Maui cruises are one good option, as is air travel. There are multiple airports that welcome flights from other Hawaiian islands, in addition to major cities outside of Hawaii.

The main Maui airport is in Kahului and offers the most flights and amenities, but the island is also served by two smaller airports. The Kapalua Airport is located on the western side of the island near Kaanapali, while the Hana Airport, the smallest airport in Maui, is on the eastern side and is mainly served by charter flights. There's also air service to a pair of nearby islands in Maui County—Molokai, and Lanai.

Maui Airports
Maui Airports

Several of the airlines to Maui fly into the biggest airport. The Kahului Maui Airport welcomes flights from cities in the western half of America, including Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City. Flights also arrive from Chicago and from other cities in Hawaii. The route between Honolulu and this Maui airport is one of the most-traveled in America, and frequent flights bring travelers from the capital city on Oahu to vacation spots on Maui. Kahului is, in effect, the Maui International Airport, with service from Japan and Canada, most frequently Tokyo, Vancouver, and Calgary.

Kahului Airport
Kahului Airport

Once passengers have stepped off the plane, they will find an array of services at the Kahului Maui Airport, including restaurants, shopping, and internet access. Travelers can pick up car rentals or take public transportation; buses, taxis, and Maui airport shuttles will take passengers to their hotels or to whatever Maui attractions they would like to see first. Parking at this airport is available on a short-term or monthly basis.

In addition to the Kahului Maui Airport, vacationers can arrive at the Kapalua Airport. This smaller facility is close to many major hotels and resorts, and most of its flights originate from other Hawaiian islands, frequently traveling to and from Honolulu.

The third Maui airport is located on the eastern shore, just outside the town of Hana. It welcomes charter flights as well as service from other Hawaiian destinations such as Honolulu.

Regardless of which airport in Maui vacationers choose, they will have easy access to the island's hotels, attractions, and natural beauty. In addition to using an airport in Maui, travelers also can make plans to fly into Honolulu and then hop aboard one of the Maui cruises, which include everything from luxury liners to lightning-fast ferry service.

Maui Airport Hotels
Maui Airport Hotels

Flights to the nearby island of Molokai will provide access to an unspoiled haven for outdoor recreation and vacation fun. In addition to air service, Molokai is accessible by an inter-island ferry, only a twenty-minute trip from Maui. The island of Lanai also can be reached by air or ferry. Its small airport accepts charters and flights from the Maui airports and other islands.

As with all the airports in Hawaii, all baggage is examined by agricultural inspectors. Only select fruits and plants can be brought into Hawaii or brought home from the islands. Before flights arrive in Maui or any other Hawaiian destination, passengers will be given forms to declare any agricultural items they're bringing with them to Hawaii.

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