Maui Car Rentals

Most locals and regular visitors agree that to really see Maui you need a car. Maui rental cars are a popular option for exploring the island, and the vast array of things to do in Maui are more easily accessible with a car. Maui car rentals afford more opportunity to get around with ease and to enjoy activities and sightseeing at your own pace. When comparing a selection of tours for you and your family with the price of Maui car rentals, it becomes clear that self-guided driving tours are the most affordable option.

Maui Rental Cars
Maui Rental Cars

One of the independent brands on the island that offers good rates and great service is Rent For Less Maui owned by Rudy Becker. Much easier to deal with than the big chains. If they happen to be sold out then the best advice out there for visitors is to do a lot of research on rates. In Maui, as well as on the main islands of Kauai, the Big Island, and Oahu, car rental rates vary greatly among rental agencies. Rates change from month to month, ranging from slight increases or decreases to significant rate changes, and there isn't any one company offering consistent deals on Maui rental cars. When looking for cheap rental cars in Maui, it's good to know that companies do offer a variety of deals and also change prices frequently. Always be sure to compare a number of different companies before making a final decision.

A Maui airport car rental may seem like a convenient option—and it is—but the convenience can end up costing up to eight percent more in the long run. Concession fees and taxes are charged on airport rentals, which can end up equaling a one-day rental fee. If you're staying at one of Maui's resorts, check to see if airport shuttles are included in your stay and pick up your car the next day to avoid additional fees. If you're keen on a Maui airport car rental, try combining the rental with a vacation package for a better deal. Always note whether or not there are extra charges for picking up your vehicle at one location and dropping it off at another. Also check to see if your hotel or resort charges for parking.

Car Rentals
Car Rentals

It can be difficult to find cheap Maui rental cars during peak travel seasons. If your vacation coincides with Maui's busy seasons, try booking your getaway through one of the Maui vacation packages available. This can garner a better rate than renting a vehicle separately from your hotel and flights. Many vacation packages also extend deals toward many things to do around the island, such as snorkeling tours, diving trips, helicopter tours, and dinner cruises. Do your best to take advantage of the savings.

When visiting such an incredible island, some get the urge to rent a spectacular car to highlight their Maui vacations. On Maui, there are several exotic cars, high-end sports cars, and convertibles that can be ideal for cruising the coastline. Maui rental cars come in many shapes and sizes. Spacious sedans, minivans, economy cars, and luxury vehicles are all available, but they're not necessarily there for the taking if you don't make prior arrangements. Jeeps are a very popular choice, but note they don't provide much space for baggage. Hawaii is one place you definitely want to have booked ahead at during peak seasons or there are slim pickings in cars, if any.

Generally there are no fees when canceling pre-booked Maui car rentals. If you've planned your vacation ahead you can use this to your advantage. Check with the company your vehicle is arranged with frequently. With rates changing so often, it's not uncommon to find a lower rate. Then simply cancel your previous reservation and make a new one with the new lower rate. Also check with your major credit cards and home auto insurance to see if you're insured on your rental car, which is common. This way you can avoid paying for costly rental car insurance when you get to Maui and instead save your money for sightseeing and other attractions.

With Maui rental cars arranged, all you need is a bit of time to get accustomed to the island roads, and it's smooth driving from there. If you're picking up your Maui airport car rental, grab a complimentary island map at the airport before you leave. If you do get to enjoy a car rental on Maui, don't miss the famous Hana Highway and a tour through Haleakala National Park, where astounding views will make it hard to keep your eyes on the road.

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