Hana Hotel Maui Spa Entrance

Hana Hotel Hanua Spa Exterior

The jewel that lies near the end of the Hana highway, the Hotel Hana Maui and Honua Spa is one of the most exclusive hotels in all of Hawaii. You don't even have to be a guest to enjoy what this Hana Hawaii hotel has to offer - like the Hilton on the Big Island or just about anything along Waikiki, anyone can buy a guest pass to enjoy the proceedings.

The Hana Maui Hotel and Honua Spa is all about serenity. You can wander along the beaches and nearby brush, or just gaze out into the water from your oceanfront deck. Everything is carefully landscaped here - hardly a blade of grass is out of place at this Hana hotel.

Hana Hotel Hanua Spa Locker Room

There are two basic types of rooms here - sea ranch cottages and bay cottages. The former are right on the beach, the height of luxury. All hardwood floors, expensive furniture and giant beds, these are the most popular way to stay at the Hana Maui Hotel. The bay cottages are only lacking the beachfront access but make up for it by opening out onto private gardens and are located well within view of the beach, but most importantly, they are attached to the hotel's breathtaking pool - an immensity that might make you think twice of needing to venture into the bay's warm water.

Hana Hotel Hanua Spa Couples Treatment Room

One of the real selling points of the Hotel Hana Maui is the Honua Spa. Featuring everything you would expect from a high-end spa, there massage therapies, aromatherapies and therapeutic baths are among the best you can find, with the power of relaxation being amplified by the tropical beauty around every corner at the Hana Hotel. They also feature energy balancing treatments which cannot be found elsewhere.

Though the main selling point of the Hotel Hana Maui is tranquility - there are plenty of things to do for active people. From horseback riding to complimentary yoga lessons to guided tours of the town of Hana, there is plenty to do on and off the grounds of the Hana Hotel. Tennis courts are also available, along with several scenic trails you can explore - one path is along the gentle waters, another spreads across miles of ranches and pastures while the other one is a rugged hike up to Fagan's Cross which rewards hikers with panoramic views of both the Hana Maui Hotel and the entire Hana Bay.

If you want to immerse yourself a little more into Hawaiian culture, you can learn some of the more famous, if generic, aspects of the island's heritage, from Lei making to hula and ukulele lessons. It would take weeks to take advantage of everything the Hana Maui hotel has for guests, but nonetheless, it's fun to try.

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