Hookipa Beach

You'll see some of the world's best windsurfers at Hookipa Beach Park along the Hana highway. In fact, this sport was largely developed at Hookipa, which boasts waves as high as 15 feet.

Best Windsurfing in the World
Best Windsurfing in the World

The world's best wavesailing beach is Hookipa beach on Maui's north shore. Hookipa is known for its reef breaks close to shore that the spectators on the bluffs can view. Hookipa Beach has small sand beach and a big rock ledge that makes launching and landing critical. There are often heavy waves and strong currents that will drag unfortunate windsurfers over the rocks. You should be an accomplished wave sailor, and a very strong swimmer before you attempt to ride here.

Hookipa Beach
Hookipa Beach

Needless to say, this beach isn't the best swimming spot, and windsurfing beginners will be overwhelmed. If you have good binoculars you might be able to see tow-in-surfing in progress, with jet ski pilots pulling expert surfers out to the one-mile mark, where waves can be as high as 30 to 40 feet during winter swells.

Hookipa Windsurfing
Hookipa Windsurfing

You can rent equipment and get lessons, and picnic tables and barbeques are available, plus showers and restrooms and a parking lot.

Surfing here is for pros. If you're not one and you attempt to windsurf, you will no doubt be considered a nuisance who is in the way of experts.

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